Sales are not showing and google analytics not working

  • July 10, 2017 at 10:47 am #4490

    Hi Again Alex .. If im not being a pain please could i ask you for a little bit of help.

    My website appears to be up and running . I am sharing the links to all the appropriate sites . I made a few sales over the weekend but they are not showing at all in my woocomerce or anywhere on the dashboards. Also i registered for google analytics and while the registration process went smoothly it doesn’t show any of the traffic details . I even went incognito and it still was showing anything.

    This is the website . I really have hit a wall and don’t honestly know how to get around this . I have worked so hard up to this point it would be such a shame for it to come to end if i can’t get over this obstacle .

    Thank you so much in Advance

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