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    Hello everybody,

    I started my journey with Amazon affiliate program on 15 december 2015 following Alex’s tutorial(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYijo08DSoc) and
    I’ve created https://walldecorationss.com, it started as a oil paintings/canvas prints store but overtime i decided to add more categories till it became a home improvement/home decor store.The change was great because i was able to add a lot of products(almost 10.000) that bring 150+ visitors per day(organic traffic) and I also post on social media every day at the same hour and it works pretty well, making a total of 200+ visitors per day.

    Earnings: My first sale was in march 2016 making me 8.89$.(and it also was the last for that month.March total:8.89$)
    The next month brought me 47.11$( April total:47.11$)
    At this point i didn’t even knew that the website was making money because i had to study.
    One month later i checked my account and start working again.
    The next months June,July,August – 100$ each month.
    September-101$ , October-80$, November-112$.
    December was amazing- 326$.I was able to earn that much by creating a page for Holiday products and posting everyday product offers on social media.
    January 2017 – 180$ , February 90$,March – 270$
    April – Today as 16 april i’ve made 355$ and i think that i will make around 450-500$ till the end of the month.

    Is it worth the time spent: Yes,absolutely! I’m a 20 year old student from Romania and i’m more than happy that i’ve spent my time on creating my first source of income.
    From now on i will spent 15 minutes every day to post on social media and that’s it.
    Currently i’m working on another website and i’m planning to create as many as possible.


    Huge thanks to Alex.

    If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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    morning star

    Thanks for sharing! It’s a great looking site. I have a question regarding the SSL – are you on shared hosting with a dedicated IP for your site? I’m looking to use an SSL for my site too and it seems the best way to use an SSL is with a dedicated IP.

    April 22, 2017 at 4:05 pm #4359

    Hi,yes the site it’s on shared hosting with a dedicated IP and the SSL is from Cloudflare.

    April 23, 2017 at 10:16 pm #4360
    morning star

    Ok great ! Thanks for confirming.

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    Hey man, theses are some great news! I have two questions because I am still very confused, I would greatly appreciate it if you could reply to me!

    Are those profits after you paid for advertising? And also, how much did you pay for ads and on what platform? Furthermore, if you haven’t paid for ads at all, then how did you market your website?
    Secondly, those discount offers you have on your website, how did you get them? Have you contacted any amazon shop directly? How does that work?
    Lastly, You said you will spend 15mins per day in posting on social media; what will you post? It takes me hours to post stuff, how do you do it?

    P.S. You gave me inspiration, thanks for sharing your website with us ! I am pumped!

    May 17, 2017 at 4:33 pm #4443

    Hi ,

    First question:The profits are not from paid ads.I tried a few weeks ago to use facebook ads but with no success.(Tested 3 types of posts and spent like 10$ for each,i don’t know how to target them yet).
    Most of my traffic is organic and from social media.What i did to bring 200+ people everyday on the website is:
    1. Have at least 5000 products
    2.Wait until all the products are indexed by google and then see which one brings people in( if 1 came from that product it’s awesome),modify to content from that product to get the best SEO possible(use yoast seo to determine that) and post it on social media.How? Chose the best picture and post it along with the name of the product.If your page has 2 likes that’s not a problem…Find groups that are in your niche and post it there ,you will get traffic and likes for your page.Let the post alone for a few days ,after that use like4like or some other websites to get some likes for that post.Keep doing this for a week or two and after that start posting product images along with the title of the product and the link. (example : image, Ergonomic Leather Office Chair.Check it out:www.your-website.com). If the owner dose not like it,return to posting without link and try to find a group that lets you post links to your website.Keep doing this everyday and you will get a lot of backlinks for that product, the product will rank higher on google and get you more traffic and sales + you will get traffic from social media.
    3.After you did this for 2-3 months go and buy from fiverr some social media shares.There are people with pages that have a huge audience and for 10$ they will let you share a post on their page/group. Also buy some high PR backlinks,this will boost your website.
    4. ONCE A YEAR you can buy a bundle of different PR backlinks( like 5000).
    All this will help you a lot ,but DO IT SLOWLY, don’t rush now to buy everything from fiverr that says that will bring you traffic,sales,etc.The google bot will see that you gained 10k backlinks in one day and it will cancel them and penalize your webiste.There is no shortcut ,you have to put the work if you want to get something out of it.

    I don’t know what you mean by discount offers, but if it is that banners with 50% off for the bedroom furniture /75% off for the bathroom improvements what i did i just looked to see which sale is the highest and a made that banner with up to 75% off for the bedroom products and that it.
    If you found a product that has a discount code near the add to cart button it’s from woozone, the seller did that to his product on amazon and woozone put it on my website too.
    How do i post: As i told you above, image,title,link.After one year of doing this everyday i think is the best way of gaining traffic,backlinks,likes,comments,etc.
    If you are a good writer, make blog posts weekly.(I’m not because i don’t know anything about furniture,home design or anything like that).

    I’m glad that i could help you and i wish you best of luck.

    May 18, 2017 at 12:13 am #4444

    Andrew thanks so much for your reply! You have no idea how valuable your answer is to me. I am in a very tough spot right now, thanks for sharing this info with me.
    I thought that 75% discount etc was something you offered, not the actual seller, that’s why I was confused lol.

    What happened to your facebook and twitter page? Also, what is the problem with posting content daily for you?

    A marketer, friend of mine, told me that statistics show that written content should be about 400-600 words, divided into 2-3 small paragraphs so the user finds it easier to read.
    Try some ‘Top 10 furnitures for your garden’, ‘Top 5 chairs for students under $10’, ‘Top 20 desks/tables for people with disabilities’. maybe that will help you gain some more followers and show to your audience that you can bring ‘specific value’ to each one, depending on their situation. Also, since I cannot see your social media pages, I guess you engage with your audience. That’s good, you show them that you care.

    Thanks for your reply again man. Wish all the happiness and the riches of the world to you!

    May 18, 2017 at 12:14 am #4445

    Oh and also, I am sure you considered this but I am just trying to see if I can help you increase your sales (my way of saying thank you for your answer 🙂 ), try to see if there is a network or just any manufacturer or brand that will pay you to do product placements/reviews for them.

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    Thank you for the great content! Do you recommend using a particular seller from Fiverr?

    – GF

    May 27, 2017 at 2:33 pm #4454

    Thank you for the advice , i’m going to write more articles soon, but i don’t have time now …i have to study for my finals. Also the kingdom theme is a pain in the a** ,i don’t like the 3.2.3 update at all, they changed the design for the worse ,i currently use version 2.2.2 but i have some trouble with a bunch of 404 errors from the font section ( glyphicons halflings regular ttf not found) that slow my site down by 10 seconds and i can’t fix them,if anyone has some info about those please write a comment.

    About fiverr sellers i bought from: volarex,tuhin2u,marinamaree,youngceaser,crorkservice ….everyone of them delivered what i wanted,so go and check them out.

    Keep it up with the good work guys!

    May 27, 2017 at 3:55 pm #4455

    Back again,i fixed the problem with the fonts(glyphicons halflings regular ttf not found)…everything works great now…what i had to do : i changed the fonts document from the old version with the document from the new one.
    Again i’m using kingdom version 2.2.2 because the 3.2.3 versions it’s full of bugs,it’s slower and i don’t like the design.Also, i stopped the theme,plugins and wordpress from updating so it will not brake the website anymore.
    If you want the 2.2.2 version of the kingdom leave a comment.
    And the code for stopping the updates,you have to put it in functions.php…. you can do it from the appearance > editor > functions.php (the code is made by a friend of mine, check him out at https://adrianweb.xyz/blog/

    function remove_core_updates(){
    global $wp_version;return(object) array(‘last_checked’=> time(),’version_checked’=> $wp_version,);


    June 5, 2017 at 11:55 pm #4460

    Thanks! I will check those sellers out! Hopefully they can deliver for me as well 😀

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