Amazon Affiliate FAQ #7

In this video i attempt to fix some of the common problems people have been having with the Amazon Affiliate Theme, Kingdom 3.0, which I used in this tutorial video.

The problems we go through are:

  • Missing Page Options
  • Product Descriptions Not Showing
  • Prices not matching Amazon
  • Woozone country selector styling

Things Mentioned in this video

Download the dev version of Kingdom here which will fix a few problems – DOWNLOAD

Copy and paste this CSS code in to the custom code section of your customize area to re-style the Woozone country box, old school style.

.WooZone-country-check {
border: 1px solid #e0dede;
font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;
font-weight: normal;
overflow: hidden;
padding: 19px 29px;
position: relative;
.WooZone-status-available {
color: #31b93e !important;
font-size: 14px !important;
.WooZone-country-check li span.WooZone-cc_name {
display: inherit !important;

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  1. Hi first i would like to say thank you so much for all the advice and expert information you have given me, without it i don’t think i would of got this far.
    I have tried so many other ways to make money online and it wasn’t until i came across your YouTube videos did i understand how powerful the information was . well now i have or am in the middle of developing my own amazon affiliate site. Thanks to you. But i have come across a problem and dont know how to solve it. I wondered if you would help me? I will briefly describe the issues i have and hopefully you can point me in the right direction. On my site the add to basket or buy now button has disappeared? however if you float the mouse around near the description text it turns to a link where the amazon link is? i have tried to change colors etc but its still not working? any ideas? my site is http://www.madeangling.com

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  2. I have a problem with the colors layout. It keeps changing and never sticks with what I chose. Also the widgets are not showing in the footer. any idea how i can fix them?
    thanks for your help

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  3. Hey Alex Alex Here. How Are You?? Hey I Was Following That Video From Jan/31 And Lot Was Changed. I Used kingdom And Woozone trough you.
    okey I installed everything Like You Said But I Have Couple Of Problems. First One Is I Can’t Connect To Amazon Config.
    I Did Set Up Account And All That But It Wont Do It So I Cant Get Any Products On My Page.
    Second Problem Is I Cant Set Home Page At All Nothing Is Showing Up Just Plane Letters. Anything I Try To Change It Wont Do It Always Looks Same. I Did That Catch Reload And Still Nothing. (I’m Using Google Chrome On PC)
    Please Could You Look at Mess I Screw Up And Try To Fix It For Me Please.
    I spend 4 days trying to fix it and always get different Results. onlynicetools.com
    winston0079@msn.com UserName: winston0079 And Password; Gloria2012 (Capital G )Please Let Me Know Thanks Buddy I Appreciate It.

    I Think It Would Be Great Project Video For You And Im Sure Lots Of People Run Ito Same Problems

    Great Videos And I Always Like Them

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