Woozone Product Imports getting stuck, version 9.0 & more!

In the third frequently asked questions around my Amazon Affiliate Website Tutorials that use Woozone including the DIY website one and the Zombie products one.

Hopefully you’ll find an answer if you’re struggling to import your products. I also update the plugin to Woozone Version 9.0.

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  1. Hi,
    I am a big fan of your material and I have tried to follow your video on creating an affiliate site but the images are not showing on any products I import. Can you please help me

  2. Hello. First off, thanks for the loads of information. I have my site started, but I’ve noticed an issue regarding importing products. I am in the electric skateboard niche market and I want to sell boards and shoes and accessories.

    The issue is that I created the “Shoes” category and I added 3 pages worth of shoes to that category, but have imported Amazon’s categories as well. So if you click on a pair of Nike SB’s it will show “clothing<male<shoes<athletic" all the way down to the specific category. I'm finding that this is really messing with the overall flow of my site.

    Is there a way to NOT import the Amazon category? Ideally you would click on "Shoes" from the top menu and it would just display all of the shoes that I have imported.

    *Note* I did select the "display products" when I was setting up the "Shoes" category in WooCommerce.

  3. Dear Sir,
    With due respect, I try to build up my site according to your video. I set up WP cron job but product price is not updating. How can I solve it? Please give me a solution.


  4. Hey… I hav followed your tutorial it is dammn good…. Iam getting error… I have succed upto installing woozone… Then after while entering id and secreat key in amazone config page… Its throwing error…. Tht incorrect id this id is not registerd with affiliate… Bla bla bla….. Plzz help me… My mail Techviralnow@gmail.com plzz reply ass soooon as possible… I have signd in to amazon api correctly.

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  5. ALEX..Ive studied you videos on youtube for a month.my site exist,wifes relative helped me set it up..all that key stuff and get it going.I know how I want my site to look but I cant use woozone to create it.I watch your videos and do what you do line by line but just like when you click kingdom on woozone I dont have a layout button like you do..its not there at all..so now what?Ive never made a site before,this is the fist and this has gone on for months.I know how to import things but I cant make my site look like anything.I do not know what to do .I sent PMS to wordpress and even woozone on facebook.Word press did reply and what I asked them,woozone never did.I hired a person for 500 dollars for 20 hours work,she told me the other day she reached 20 hours of work,I got nothing but everything I had at the top of my page is now gone and it just says kingdom up there.Other questions are I get 10s of thousands of items moved to cart but in 2 months I have no sales what so ever,why?Ive had 100,000 views of products on the site before I removed everything and started over but no sales at all in 2 months though thousands and thousands moved to cart.With all the I had 16 people moved to amazon but when I go to the amazon account it says Ive had 8 clicks,thats it.The reason I deleted all products and started over was my search engine on the site didnt work.Type in whatever and it would bring up ANY and EVERYTHING but what you seek up to see.Im lost,I have no idea what to do.Im giving this 1 week and I walk away with less money in my pocket than when I started and no wiser than the first time I got the idea of the amazon affiliate site.

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