Make a WordPress Website on the Cheap!

In this video we setup a website within an hour and for just 1 penny. The website is built using the free platform, WordPress and free WordPress Theme to keep costs to a minimum.


Introduction: 0:00
Setting up Website Hosting: 1:18
Installing WordPress: 6:56
Changing your WordPress username password: 9:46
Installing your WordPress Theme: 10:42
Adding your logo: 11:57
Adding Pages to your website: 13:08
Configuring your menu: 16:27
Changing the header phone number, email address and social media icons: 19:02
Setting up the slider: 20:00
Changing the services section: 21:40
Adding blog posts: 23:32
Configuring the footer widgets: 25:36
Setting up your contact us page: 28:50
Turning off maintenance mode: 32:47

If you have any questions please post them in the comments below. Thanks for watching.

Get your penny hosting at hostgator and use the code EAGLEPENNY.

View the site you’ll be making at http://cheapwpwebsite.com

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