WordPress Maintenance Mode

When you’re working on a site that’s on a live domain, you sometimes need to take the site offline to visitors. If your building a site from scratch on live hosting you’ll certainly want to restrict access until you’re ready. Using a maintenance mode plugin is an easy way to do this.

In this video I take you through setting up the WP Maintenance Mode plugin..


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  1. Hi Alex

    I’m venturing into the world of websites. I’ve tried a couple of things but way too complicated for my tiny brain!
    Giving WP a go and came across your fabulous videos! Love them!
    I do have a question. If I set up my WP site on my iMac can I continue to work on it on my MacBook Air? Or are some of the files held in the original set up place? Hope you understand what I mean!

    Cheers Tracy

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