Add a Phone Number to the Propulsion Theme

If you’ve watched any of my videos you’ll know I run the excellent Propulsion Theme on the WP Eagle Demo site. I’ve used the theme in my feature length how to make a website videos as well as my other shorter tutorials.

The other day I received an email from a guy that wanted to add his phone number to the top of his new Propulsion site, built by him by following one of my videos.

I’m always happy to make a video on request, so here it is..

Here’s the code you need:

For header.php:

echo '<div class="callnow-head">Call us Today on 01234 567 8910</div>';

For custom CSS box:

.callnow-head {
font-weight: bold;
.main_menu {
top: 20px;

Good luck. Leave questions below..

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