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In the video, I share my favourite YouTube Entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers and business experts.

My Favourite Affiliate and Online Marketing Experts

Just like you I watch a lot of other YouTubers on a regular basis, in a bid to always be learning more about entrepreneurship and making money online through affiliate marketing. There are a lot of them out there, some more credible than others and some more palatable than others. It is a personal thing but I’ve put together a top-5 of my current favourites…

Let me know your favourite YouTube channels in the comments.

Here’s all the channels and videos mentioned:

Income School

I absolutely love Income School and its founders Jim and Ricky. They have started, run, sold and folded many niche affiliate sites so I always feel that they really know what they’re talking about.

One of the biggest things I admire about them is that they are totally transparent. They share everything. And I mean everything. Not only do they share their knowledge on picking profitable niches, building a successful website and promoting your business, they also share the really sexy stuff like their own websites and niches, plus their actual earnings, which is always so motivational.

They really do give more detail than anyone else I have ever come across and I really respect that. A lot of successful online business people and entrepreneurs are very secretive about their businesses for fear of being copied. But these guys are totally open and I like it. I trust them.

Recommended Viewing

If you watch just one of their videos, start with the one where they call up one of their subscribers and offer them help, tips and advice on their website. Check it out here.

Roberto Blake

My second recommendation is Roberto Blake. He covers a really wide range of things like affiliate marketing, social media, starting a business  and making money online. He also publishes videos with a more creative angle, like photoshop tips, photography and using Instagram.

I like Roberto’s videos because he has a great mix of content, from mindset and motivation to marketing and making money. He knows how to get s*** done. I can relate to him and his back story. He genuinely wants to help people make money to empower them and give them financial freedom.

Recommended Viewing

Check out Roberto’s video on setting up a business with NO money. Seriously. The video gives you lots of ideas on how to start generating money immediately, I found it very inspirational. You can watch it here.

John Crestani

Some people might be turned off by the slick and slightly flashy videos that feature what one can only assume are John’s own private jet and fleet of Lamborghinis. On the other hand, some might be totally pumped and motivated by it and aspire to be like John.

If you can put it aside, John is actually a really charismatic guy who is obviously successful. He comes across as being a pretty cool guy rather than a douche, unlike some of the other multi-millionaire mindset “gurus”.

Recommended Viewing

I do recommend John’s 6 tips for having a successful mindset. In it he shares his top tips for creating a mindset that will set you on the path to success. And if that path leads you to a Lambo, I’m all ears.

Alex Becker

This guy is the human version of Marmite. If you’re not familiar with Marmite, it is a savoury British delicacy that you spread on toast. And you either love it or hate it. Same with Alex Becker. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

He’s another one that presents videos with his sports car in the background. I don’t mind that. All power to him for making a successful living online. And he is very successful with several healthy businesses and millions in the bank. If you can get past the me, me, me-ness, his message is actually quite powerful.

He’s a straight talking, potty-mouthed kinda guy. Some people don’t like that but I don’t mind a swear word or two. And he’s a good presenter. He himself went through a journey of change and discovery, going from the military to making a living online. He does focus on mindset and self-development and how adopting the right attitudes is key to making a success of yourself.

Recommended Viewing

I really liked his video The Death of Alex Becker. Obviously he’s not really dead but metaphorically speaking, he says that in order to be successful, the old Alex Becker had to die in order for things to change. It is long at around 40 minutes but it is quite inspirational.

Start Starting Up – Greg Preece

This is an up and coming channel by a guy who is documenting his journey to making $100K in 12 months from online income. His goal is financial freedom so throughout 2019 he will be working his socks off to achieve his goal.

It’s a good mix of videos. He shares both successes and failures he shares how much money he is making and how he’s making it. There’s affiliate marketing ideas, drop shipping insights, investments and merchandise sales. He really is trying it all. You can expect top-level commentary on entrepreneurial mindset then more in-depth and specific stuff on things like marketing and hosting.

Recommended Viewing

I really liked Greg’s video about the downside of working so hard to achieve your goals and how success can bring its own set of problems. Check it out here.

If you've got any favourites of your own that you'd like to add or recommend, drop them in the comments and share it with the rest of the WP Eagle community.

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  1. Great list, Alex!

    Lots of entrepreneur types to check out, that’s right up my street. Trading crypto is my game, but always open to new ideas.

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