Real Affiliate Marketing Websites Earning 4 Figures A Month

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These are real-life affiliate websites that are earning at least four figures a month. When you're starting in affiliate marketing or making money online, I think it's essential to look at some websites that are well established. I think it's good for inspiration and get some ideas on what you want to do with your site. It's also good for motivation.

Here is the proof that good money can be earned online. Here are five websites that I'm going to show you right now. They're all owned by people that I know personally, and they're all fellow YouTubers.

Important note: Please keep in mind that creating sites like these take some time, and it does take quite a bit of work.

The sites that I'm going to feature they're all established sites. They're all at least a year old. One of these five is over ten years old. It's important to know that these sites need a bit of time, and they do need a bit of work to rank and start making serious money. Keep that in mind that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Affiliate Website #1 – Hutch & Cage

Niche: Pet niche
Owner: Carl Broadbent

The first site that I want to show you is this one. It's called Hutch and Cage. It is one of Carl Broadbent's sites. Carl started his affiliate marketing journey by watching one of my tutorial videos on creating an Amazon affiliate website. He watched it through to the end, and he managed to create a website. And that started him on his journey. Now, he's doing well. He has a full-time income from the internet. He quit his job just a few months ago, and he documents it all on YouTube. This site uses the Base WP theme, which is one of my favorite themes, and in fact, it's a theme that I use in my tutorials. As you can see, this site is in the pet niche, which is pretty competitive.

Carl has decided to go deeper within the pet niche and focus on:

  • rabbits
  • gerbils
  • smaller pets

Let me share some figures with you on this site. It currently has 342 pieces of content. And those 342 bits of content are generating a healthy 90 000 page views a month and around £2,500 of revenue ($3,400). That income isn't just affiliate income. There's some AD revenue in there as well. It's around a 50-50 split. That seems to be the case with most of the websites that I'm going to show you here.

Affiliate Website #2 – Own the Yard

Niche: Garden and yard
Owner: Spencer Haws

Here is the Own the Yard website, and it is one of Spencer Haws's sites. Spencer also has a youtube channel and a few WordPress plugins that he's developed, including link whisper, a great plugin to help you manage your internal links. Spencer started affiliate marketing back in 2005 and started making some serious money back in 2011. This website is in the garden and yard niche. He's covering everything from gardening to yard maintenance. And he's even got some stuff on animals as well.

Spencer hasn't uploaded an income report for a while. It's something that he's stopped doing. But his last one, which he did back in December 2019, shows that the site was bringing in around 20 000 visits a month. And it was generating approximately $2,300 in revenue a month. That is a split between affiliate income and AD revenue. Last night I spoke to SPencer and found out that the site continues to do well, and in fact, it's doing far better than that previous report. Take that figure and double it, and you're going to be close in terms of what that site is now doing.

Affiliate Website #3 – Go Downsize

Niche: RV
Owner: Morten Storgaard

This one is earning much more. Go Downsize is owned by Morten, who is a friend of mine. This site is all around RVing and downsizing. The site has picked up during the COVID-19 pandemic. And the earnings are pretty incredible. This site pulls in around $26,000 a month. If you take a look at the site, you can see why it does so well. The content is well researched and written. And you can feel that the site's got quite a bit of passion in it. He and his wife spent a lot of time on this site. And it does show it. $26,000 a month if you take that over the year – that's around $312,000!

But the following site that I'm going to show you does even better!

Affiliate Website #4 – Swim University

Niche: Swimming pool
Owner: Matt Giovanisci

The site is very well established, and it's 10-15 years old. Matt was working at a swimming pool company as a teenager. He learned a lot about swimming pools and hot tubs. And he decided to take all that knowledge and experience and put it into a website. That's how Swim University came about. If you take a look at the site, you can see why it does so well. It is an authority site in this particular niche. Matt knows so much about the pools and the hot tubs, and there's so much content on here. He creates videos for all of the content as well.

The site is high-quality, and that's why it gets so much traffic. The site is put together with its own theme; it's called Carbonate. And you can buy it from his website if you like how it looks. Matt wanted a theme that was lightweight and super fast, so he just built his own. It's a nice-looking theme, and it's also really fast. This site, in terms of earnings it does around $33,000 a month. Obviously, it is slightly seasonal. But the average over the year comes in approximately $400,000.

Affiliate Website #5 – Best Roof Box

Niche: roof boxes
Owner: Alex Cooper (my website)

The last website that I want to share with you is doing around $1,000 a month, and it's one of my websites. The best roof box is a website that I created for one of my tutorial videos. I've been documenting absolutely everything that I've been doing to the site. If you want all the details in terms of the work, income, and traffic, you definitely want to check those videos here. The site has got around 286 posts. And in the last 30 days, it's pulled in around 25 000 users. If we look at the income during the previous 30 days, from Amazon, we pulled in $1,151, and from the Ezoic ads, we've pulled in around $300. Add those two together, and the income over the last 30 days is about $1500.

This website is completely seasonal. It's doing pretty well right now because we're out of season. And the pandemic hasn't helped in terms of roof box sales. But I'm hoping as we get into summer, as restrictions are lifted, this site should hopefully really fly. And I'm expecting that revenue to be double that by the time we get to June, July, and August.

Final Words

I hope you found this list useful and inspiring. I'd love to know what you think about the sites. Which one is your favorite? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. It’s inspirational to see these websites, and what can be achieved, I’ve followed your videos, about setting up your own roof box site.
    Well done.

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