Affiliate Website Income Report ( February 2021

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I've got an update for you on my affiliate marketing website I'm going to share the latest traffic numbers and revenue with you and bring you up to date with everything that's happened to the site in February. Including a bizarre traffic spike. If you'd like to watch the entire series of videos around Best Roof Box, you can find them all in a handy playlist here.

Best Roof Box Traffic – Google Analytics February 2021

In February, we had 20,430 users, which is up 12.95%. For these figures, I'm comparing them with the previous 28 days. That's just because we're dealing with February, and it skews the figures if I compare January to February. Obviously, they're different length months. That's how we're making the comparisons. For sessions, we had 24,256, which again is up. If we drill down a bit, we can see that organic traffic is growing very nicely indeed. Organic Search is 18,258 of the users, and that is up 21.6% – which is fantastic! Before we go too much further, let's have a quick look at what happened on the 1st of February. There was a very peculiar spike in traffic. If you drill into it, you can see that it was bot traffic. That was some weird horrible company that is selling fake traffic.

Why on earth you would want fake traffic to your website. Maybe if you're trying to scam someone when you're selling your site or something like that. All we know that it's not a good thing to do. But for some reason, they sent a load of fake traffic to Best Roof Box. And they also sent a whole load of phoney traffic to I wouldn't go for this kind of traffic. There's no reason why you would waste money on this junk. It's just not worth it. It can only do more harm than good.

Amazon Affiliate earnings in February 2021

Let's talk about the money. It's been an excellent month. We pulled in $1,008 from There are loads of roof boxes in there, and I'm pleased with it. It seems that people are buying some roof boxes and roof bags that I'm not recommending. I think there's a bit of a stock issue. And a big task that I've got planned is to go back through a lot of the content (especially the most popular content) on the site and check that the products are still valid and available. Some of that content now is over a year old, and I haven't touched it, if I'm honest. It probably needs a refresh.

If we look at, things are not so impressive – £13,39. The current exchange rate is $18.69. I'm not quite sure what's happening with the UK; apart from that, we've been in severe lockdown for the last few months. That might be a problem. Now you don't need a roof box for a lockdown. That would probably explain why we haven't sold many roof boxes in the UK.

However, Canada is looking better. If we take a look at that, we earned 211 Canadian dollars (166 US dollars). That's pretty good, I think. We're not specifically linking to anything on Canada. It's all done via the one link tool in the Amazon dashboard tool section. Check out my tutorial on setting up the Amazon OneLink tool on WordPress here. That link automatically redirects all your users to the correct country. That's working pretty well because I'm pleased with Canadian earnings.

When we put all of the Amazon figures together, we get a total of $1,194.05. That is good because we're getting near to the revenue that we were pulling in last summer in June, July and August. And now we're doing that in February. We're also doing it during a big lockdown time where COVID is out of control. I can't wait until summer because I think the site is going to fly.

Ezoic Earnings in February 2021

The Ezoic figures provide the ads on the site. For some reason, I couldn't pull off any data for yesterday from Ezoic. I guess there's a bit of a delay. So, this is for February, but there's one day missing. It is $176.48, which is down a little bit from the previous month. There have been fewer days there in February, and I haven't counted one of those days. I'm still really pleased with that. It's way more than I was putting in with AdSense. Ezoic is working fine. I have reduced the number of ad units that were being shown. Just because it was making my content look a bit weird. The great thing with Ezoic is that you have complete control over where the ads are shown.

Best Roof Box Total earnings in February

The grand total for February is $1370.53. This was a very short month which makes this total even more fantastic. I'm pleased with it, and I can't wait until summer.

Niche Website Builders – Skyscraper campaign

The guys over at Niche Website Builders have been doing a skyscraper campaign where they've added a couple of bits of content to the site. And they've been doing some outreach to build links to those bits of content. They've been running the campaign for a few months, and I was pleased to see that they've built 35 links to the site so far. There's an average DR of 36, which is basically just a score of how much authority those domains have. The higher, the better. I was pleased with the results.

Final Word

Honestly, this was an excellent month for Best Roof Box. It continues to pull in some good money, and I'm not even spending any money on the site right now. It's all pure profit which is fantastic. If you have any questions, do leave me a comment below. I'd love to know how your websites are going. Let me know in the comments!

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