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I've got an update for you on my affiliate website I'm going to share with you the latest traffic numbers and the site's latest earnings. Also, I'll share with you everything that I've been doing on the site, including adding excellent image maps. If you want to watch all the videos around the site, you'll find them all in a handy youtube playlist here.

Google Analytics February 2021 –

We can see that traffic is up. We've got 843 users in February, which's up 28%. I'm comparing it with the same amount of days in the previous month. It's an even comparison because obviously, January's got a few more days than February. In terms of sessions, we had 1164, and that is up 16% in January. If we drill down and look at where that traffic is coming from, we can see that organic search is growing well. It's up to 474 users, which is up 52%. And a lot of that is coming from the work that Stan Ventures did for me on the powered wheelbarrow article. Stan Ventures are an SEO company that build links. They've offered me some fantastic prices to share with you guys that you can check out here.

Amazon Earnings February 2021 –

Stan Ventures have not only improved my rankings and increased my traffic, but they've also started to increase my sales of powered wheelbarrows. We can see that we earn a fantastic £6, which is around $8. That is actually down on last month, so that's not too good. But if we drill down and take a look at some of the products that people have ordered, we can see that there's a couple of powered wheelbarrows in there. There's a Makita powered wheelbarrow which comes in around £620. And we've got a Greenworks garden cart which comes in about £350. That's fantastic.

Unfortunately, they haven't been shipped yet from Amazon, which is why there's no earnings showing. Those earnings are probably going to go into March's figures. That's fantastic. And it shows that the work that Stan Ventures did to push my powered wheelbarrows article up the search engines is working. And it's starting to pay off because people are starting to order powered wheelbarrows, which are, of course, a very high-value item on Amazon. Anyway, it's a shame we can't count them in February's earnings. So that brings February's earnings in $8.39. But it's still early days with the wheel along, and it's showing that things are starting to happen with regards to those powered wheelbarrows.

Google AdSense numbers

It seems that AdSense has fallen off a cliff. I'm not sure what's going on. It's down to 91 cents which is quite a bit down on last month. I'm not sure what's happening with AdSense. I'm going to switch the site over to Ezoic soon to increase the amount that we're earning from ads, hopefully. If we add the two together for February, we get a total of $9.30.

Makita powered wheelbarrow & WP Draw Attention

Here are a few words regarding that Makita powered wheelbarrow that someone bought through one of my affiliate links. I had a closer look at that product because it wasn't a product within any of my content. It was another powered wheelbarrow that someone had come across after clicking one of my affiliate links. I had a good look at the wheelbarrow, and I realized that it doesn't come with everything you need when you buy it as a single product. It doesn't come with the barrow – the bit that you put stuff in. It doesn't come with batteries. And I realized that whoever had ordered the powered wheelbarrow from Makita had ordered those things either.

I'm a little bit worried that they might return it, but fingers crossed they don't, and they order the extra bits that they need. But it got me thinking about the information that I need to have in my articles. I thought it'd be a good idea to include that wheelbarrow and include information about all the other products you need to get it going. At the same time, the guys over at the Wp Draw Attention plugin reached out to me and said that they had got this fantastic plugin. It allows you to make your images interactive. And I just thought that'd work perfectly for what I want to do.

I've added an image map plugin to the content. And it allows you to hover over an image and click off on the relevant products shown in that image. It works well for that powered wheelbarrow because people can click on the different bits and order what they need. I've done a full video on exactly how I put that together. Check out that video here.

Final Word

February was a pretty good month. Earnings are down, but traffic is up, and those sales of the powered wheelbarrows are very encouraging indeed. I've not got any content planned for the site for this month. I had a couple of articles. I didn't add much last month either — just that interactive image. Let me know how your sites are going in the comments.

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  1. I opened the site based on your site and I’ve written 12 articles. The niche is doing well but I have long abandoned the site but thinking of getting back in now. I’m thinking of flipping the site or should I keep it for myself? What are your thoughts?

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