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I thought it would be helpful to update you on how some of my affiliate sites are doing in this week's live stream, particularly as during last week's live session we set up a Facebook ad test, so you might be interested to see how that's going. Plus, we cover a bit about content, adding images, keywords, and link building strategy. Here are a few of the key points we covered this week…

Amazon Terms of Use

I've had a couple of you get in touch about being denied an API key for the Amazon Affiliate programme. Amazon have made changes to their terms of use. It's worth going through them again. The biggest change has been;
“We added requirements that your Site must not have price tracking and/or price alerting functionality (unless otherwise agreed) or use Program Content to refer to sites that are not Amazon Sites”
That will have an impact on anyone running a price comparison site. We have double checked and it does not apply to WooZone. It is worth familiarising yourself with the Amazon agreement. If you've spent a long time building your Amazon affiliate site, the last thing you want is to be refused a place on the affiliate programme.

Facebook Ads Update

So last week we set up a trial Facebook ad for bowwowtech.co.uk. In all honestly, I didn't put a lot of thought and effort into it. It was really just to show you how to build your ad and set the target audience. I set the budget at $7.40 per day, to run for 1 week. Over the course of the week the stats are as follows:

Impressions: 9,638
Result: 208
Total Spend: $51.25
Cost per Result: $0.25

So as a result of the ad, I got 208 likes to my bowwowtech page. I'm pretty pleased with that. I'm going to run the ads again in the next couple of weeks but really focus on the targeting and the content of the ad.

I've also queued up some post using Buffer so next week can see how that's going.

A Word About Content, Keywords and Link Building

One of you on the live Q&A commented on how hard producing content is. It is. It can be time consuming. But I cannot tell you how important it is. Look at it as an investment. If you pay a good writer to produce some good content for you, you will see the returns. And make sure you are targeting the right keywords. Just because there's no competition for a keyword doesn't mean it's a good one to target. It might mean that there're just no searches for that keyword. So make sure you do your research and if you are using a writer, give them a good brief.

As far as link building goes, content is the key. Investing in good, relevant, unique content will see a natural increase in links. So my top 4 tips for link building?
Content – produce good, relevant content.
Guest Posting –  reach out to other websites that have a relevance to yours and see if they are interested in linking to an article/infographic/video you have produced. Takes time but it is worth building these relationships.
Quora/LinkedIn – use Q&A or social media sites to get involved in conversations and where relevant/possible, leave a link to your content. No spamming please.
Blog commenting – get involved in the conversation happening around the web and show your authority. Get known and leave links when you feel like you are offering something of value.

Hope you enjoy this weeks video. Don't forget to head over to the WP Eagle channel to subscribe, if you haven't already. Also, you might hear us going on about t-shirts a lot. Check out the WP Eagle t-shirts here and get your order in.

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