Amazon Affiliate Success with Doug Cunnington

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In my first Interview style video I talk to Doug Cunnington, who sold one of his sites for $240k, about how he makes a success out of his Amazon Affiliate Websites.

Get the free good stuff from Doug here (Templates, Keywords & more):

Watch more Doug on his channel:

Other things mentioned:

Here's the topics with timings:

  • Choosing an Amazon Niche: 00:07:10
  • What to do when you’ve chosen your niche: 00:10:54
  • How to create content if you’re not a writer: 00:12:07
  • How to find a good writer: 00:15:01
  • Getting Traffic to your Articles and website: 00:19:50
  • Building links with Blog Comments and guest posts to improve search ranking: 00:20:38
  • Using Social Media: 00:25:57
  • SEO: 00:27:08
  • Choosing a domain for a site: 00:30:01
  • Selling Your Amazon Affiliate Site: 00:31:04
  • Using Private Blog Networks for SEO Ranking: 00:34:07
  • Making sure you get approved by Amazon: 00:34:54

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