Affiliate Website August Update – It’s Poppin’!

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Innnn this article, I've got an update for you on Best Corn Popper. Initially set up as a demo site just to show off Popcorn theme. But, it started getting traffic and sales and I've started working on it as a proper project.

I'm going to share the traffic, sales, and how much money it's making.

What's Poppin?

bestcornpopper aug traffic

Slightly misleading because the site was used as our demo site to promote our WordPress theme Popcorn, it's telling us that traffic is down on last month. However, when we drill down into the details, we can see that our organic traffic is up 40% which is terrific!

bestcornpopper aug traffic organic

This is fantastic as the site is still really young, probably still in the Google sandbox, but we're making good progress in gaining organic traffic.

bestcornpopper aug traffic google search console

With only 27 articles on the site, I'm really pleased with these numbers.

What I Did in August

In terms of content I've added about 13 new posts and I've got another 10 ordered with Textun. I've also been using this new keyword research tool called Low Fruits (affiliate link) which I'm still testing at the moment but will be making a full video soon as it looks promising.

Amazon Earnings

As you can see the grand total is $1.83! A random purchase of a pair of boots, so not popcorn-related and won't be counting that one as it's not popcorn-related – but a sale is a sale!

Final Words

More content should be coming this week sometime and I'll have a full site update for you next month. Let me know how you're getting on with your sites!

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