BestCornPopper com Affiliate Website Update 1 (Income and Traffic)

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I've got an update for you on my new affiliate marketing website Initially, the site was just supposed to be a demo site for our new Popcorn WordPress theme, but I've taken the opportunity to turn it into a real site in the popcorn niche,

A few of you have been asking for updates on this site, so here's the first update for you with the latest traffic, earnings, and the work I've done on the site.

Content Added to the Site

So far, we're up to 14 articles published; a few were written by Jarvis (affiliate link), my favourite AI copywriting tool, and the rest were written by writers from Textun.

best corn popper niche site

Traffic Analytics

Good news is we had a total of 2426 visitors to the site!

best corn popper traffic

However, when we look closer at those numbers we can see that the majority of those visitors have come to check out the site because they are interested in checking out the popcorn theme. This is fine of course as this is a demo site for the theme.

best corn popper traffic organic

The site is only about a month old so 100 organic traffic is a promising figure and I'll take that any day of the week!

Google Search Console and Ahrefs

best corn popper Google search console

Google search console looks really promising – things are on the move. Also, the rankings in Ahrefs look pretty good. We are actually starting to rank for some keywords!

ahrefs rankings

Nothing on page 1 yet of course, far too early for that, however, all signs are promising and it's worth noting that the articles written by Jarvis (affiliate link) are starting to rank! I highly recommend Jarvis – it's an amazing writing tool, helps with writer's block etc and I have a tonne of videos on my channel about it – check them out here.

Amazon Earnings

best corn popper amazon earnings

Would you believe at only 1-month old and we've already made our first money with Amazon! A grand total of $1.21 – a terrific start and there are actually some popcorn products in there.

Of course, it could have just been you guys checking out the site and buying some popcorn – but it was super exciting to see those sales that fast!

best corn popper ahrefs

Something else that's happened is the DR has shot up to 37 which is pretty incredible for a brand new site.

Final Thoughts

Who knows how far this project can go?! Initially just a demo site, it looks like it might have some legs! We've got some more articles ordered and also creating more content with Jarvis so exciting to see how much popcorn we can sell!

I'd love to know how your sites are doing – leave me a comment below. Don't forget to check up on the site in next months update. Good luck with your sites!

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