BestPressureWasher com Affiliate Website Earnings/Traffic Update 1 June 2021

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Innnn this article we'll be checking up on for the first time since building it.

To see the tutorial on how I built this site click here.

Best Pressure Washer is one of my favourite sites to work on. It's built using Thrive theme (affiliate link) and is probably one of the better-looking niche affiliate sites I've built to date.

Google Analytics

Let's look at the full 5 months of stats since launch.

best pressure washer traffic

As you can see it's all been a bit flat really, just bobbing along. About 9000 views in total but not much movement. There's also the influx of traffic from my Youtube updates so we have to also take that into account.

organic traffic

This is reflected in the organic traffic – so not too many actual pressure washer buyers…..yet. However, it's early days and there are signs that good stuff is about to happen.

Google Search Console


The great news is the impressions are starting to climb. That should hopefully start leading got more clicks and in turn, more visitors to the site.



Ahrefs is showing that our keywords are starting to rank and we're up to 67 ranking keywords already! Although none of them is on page 1 of Google yet, that's pretty promising – it shows the site is getting indexed and we're starting to show up on Google.

Amazon Earnings

amazon earnings

Checking out the sales on Amazon….well, there were none. None specifically for pressure washers anyway.

The Plan

I currently have about 25 posts on the site and plan to add a lot more content. Once I've got about 50 posts I'll start a link building campaign to get things moving.

Promising signs ahead. Check the full playlist of all the updates for Best Pressure Washer here. How are you getting on with your sites? Let me know!

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