Affiliate Site Income Report – January 2021

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Here's an update for you on my affiliate marketing website This was a site that I created about two years ago. The site is nicely established now, and I've been sharing everything that I did to the site, earnings, and all the traffic. I've been sharing an update every month, and I put all those videos into a playlist that you can check out here.

Now I'm going to share with you:

  • the latest traffic numbers
  • the latest revenue and
  • all the work that I've been doing

All about the Work on Best Roof Box in January

The main thing is we finished off all of the shorter articles. These were the articles that I was creating around all the different makes and models of car. And I was trying to keep it simple, short, cheap, quick and efficient.

Here are the parts of these shorter articles:

  • introduction
  • summary
  • images & buttons using the AAWP plugin
  • description & prices using the AAWP plugin

We've been able to get all this short content up quick. And we have pretty much an article on every single type of car that you can get in America suitable to have a roof box. The idea is that I want to come up on Google when anyone types in the name of a car and word roof box or roof cargo box. There's no evidence as yet that there's much traffic coming in from all this effort, but I think it's still early days. Also, this time of year, with COVID-19 and everything, I believe the roof box industry is getting hit hard by it. But on the flip side, I'm quite optimistic and quite excited about this year. Hopefully, COVID starts to come to an end, and as the sun comes out and as we move into spring and summer, I think a lot of people are going to start investing in a roof box.

People are going to visit campsites or holiday homes. They probably won't fly. Most people will use the car, and they're going to realize they haven't got enough space for all their stuff, and they're going to look for roof boxes. And hopefully, that's where comes in.

The other stuff that's been happening is the Niche Website Builder campaign, where they've been building links to the fantastic piece of content they created for me. And they've just drafted another bit of content. So there's going to be more links coming in. It seems to be having a positive effect on the website.

Traffic in January 2021 – Best Roof Box site

In January, we had 20,151 users, which is up 12%. Sessions are also up by about 12%. Pageviews are up as well by nearly 13%, with 33,633 page views in January. And if we drill down and look at the traffic sources, organic search is also on the up with an increase of 16.8%, which is fantastic. Organic search is the best way to get traffic. It's free, and it's continuous and constant.

Earnings from Amazon in January 2021 – Best Roof Box site

On, the total in January was $876.65. From, we pulled in £18.66 and at the current conversion rate is around $25.55. From Amazon Canada, we had 25.41 Canadian dollars, which converts to $19.89. Let's add all that together, and we get a total of $925.09. That's pretty good. It's down slightly on last month, but it's January. I guess December is better than January for sales.

Earnings from Ezoic in January 2021 – Best Roof Box site

Let's have a look at the Ezoic earnings. In January we pulled in $224.63 from the ads on the site. I've reduced the number of ad units that are showing on the site. It was just too many for me. That could have affected the income, which is down by the way on last month. Also, I think advertiser rates in January drop because companies don't spend as much money on advertising in January. It's still better than what I was earning on AdSense anyway. I'm still pretty impressed with that income from the ads via Ezoic.

Total Earnings in January

The total for January was $1,149.72. That is down slightly on last month, but I'm not worried. I think it's just a January thing. It's still terrific to have four figures coming in from the site. I'm pleased with it.

Future Plans for Best Roof Box

I'm not going to spend any more money on content for the site. We've hit about 300 articles, and I think that's probably enough. The site is now in profit overall over its entire lifespan. And that's what is the most important. I have spent quite a bit on the site because I don't write my content. I outsource it all. Even so, the site is profitable, and I want the next six months to be profitable. And plan to sell the site may be in October November time. I'm probably going to want to sell the site, so I want a good six to eight months worth of highly profitable numbers. That's what buyers look at when they're looking to buy a site.

Final Word

I'm going to keep the cost to a minimum by not buying any more content. And I'll let the link building campaign continue from Niche Website Builders. And hopefully, when COVID is gone, and as summer comes in, the site is just going to fly. I guess we will wait and see.

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