December 2020 Income Report

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Here's an update for you on my affiliate marketing website I created the website back in March 2019, and I made a video around exactly how I put the site together. Since then, I've been documenting and sharing with you guys the progress of the site. And I show you all the work I'm doing on the site and how much money the site has been earning. Google Analytics – Traffic in December 2020

It's looking pretty good. In December, we can see that we had 17,942 users, which is up 29% on November. That's fantastic. Those of you following these updates every month will know that traffic had taken a downward turn. And we were in decline for a few months. But it seems to turn the corner, and we're going back up again. This could be down to seasonality, and people are thinking about their spring trips. They're starting to look at roof boxes. For whatever reason, traffic is up. Pageviews are also up. We have 29,798 page views which are up 21% on November's figures. Another very positive increase is the organic search. If we look at that, we can see that we had 14,378 users, which is up 33% on November. Organic search is on the up. And that's perfect because that's the main source of the traffic to the site.

At Google Webmaster Console, we can see that the metrics in there are also looking good. We can see that impressions and clicks are both up. But another good indication that things are heading in the right direction is that the average position is up a whole one place across all the keywords that the site ranks for. That implies that the site is moving up the rankings across most of its keywords.

Amazon Revenue in December 2020

Has this extra traffic generated more revenue? Well, yes! Christmas is generally a busy period for shoppers. And I am commissioned on lots of different things because people tend to visit my site, click through, and then buy all sorts of stuff from Amazon, not just roof boxes. And, of course, I own a commission on all of that. We can see that for in December, we generated $898.16, which is excellent. From, we had £87.50, which at the current exchange rate is $118. From Amazon Canada, we only had 4.89 Canadian dollars, which translates into 3.92 American dollars. In total, from all of those amazon figures together, for December, we get a total of $1,020.08.

Ezoic Earnings for December

The site is also monetized with Ezoic Ads. If we take a look at that, we can see that for the month, we had $302.92. One thing I will say regarding the Ezoic ads – simply put, ads are everywhere. Too many ads for my liking. I know that they need to be there to generate revenue. But I don't want them to be everywhere. That's why I've made a few adjustments to the Ezoic ads. I've reduced the number of advertisements that will be showing within the content and around the content. We'll wait and see what effect that has on the revenue next month. I've only just made the change, but I think the site looks a bit better. The great thing about Ezoic is that they give you a chrome extension plug-in so that you can visit your site and you can turn it off and on at different ad placements. You get a lot of control over where your ads are showing. When we add the Ezoic figure to the amazon figure, that gives us a total of $1,323 in December – which is fantastic!

Details about the content update

Over the last month, we have been swamped adding more content to the site. My fantastic writers and editor have been busy adding some shorter articles. I think this is the way to go in 2021 rather than feel that you have to write huge long essays about every single keyword you're trying to rank for.

I'm starting to create content that is:

  • shorter
  • more focused
  • cheaper, quicker & easier

The most recent content that we've been putting together uses the AAWP plug-in, one of my favourite plug-ins for Amazon affiliates and WordPress. It allows you to pull down information from Amazon using their API. It's great for putting tables together, pulling down images, product descriptions and prices.

We've been writing a short introduction or summary, and then we've been filling out the rest of the article with AAWP. We've been creating a table, images and descriptions. It seems to be working well, and of course, it's a speedy way of adding content. Does this content rank? Well, yes! It does rank. It ranks well for our long-tail keywords. The articles that we're adding at the moment are targeting all the different types of cars that are available in the USA. If someone types in, for example, the Acura RDX roof box, my articles come up. I've tested this across a few different keywords, and they all seem to be on page one. This is fantastic because it means I don't have to pay my writers very much. All they have to do is write an introduction and a summary. And my editor can quickly put the articles on the site using AAWP. It's a win-win situation. It's going to be a really quick way to populate the site with lots of content for all the different types of cars available in the USA.

Quick note: On the site now is 219 articles. And there's still a whole load more being written and added right now. I'm pretty sure that we're going to be able to capture all of those long-tail searches around all of the different types of cars.

Shotgun Skyscraper Link Building Campaign update

The final thing that I want to share with you today is an update on the shotgun skyscraper link building campaign. Guys over at Niche Website Builders have been running this campaign for me. Let me remind you what that is. The guys over at Niche Website Builders created a fantastic article for the site called Step by Step guide to preparing for a road trip. It is long, and it was well written. It has loads of custom illustrations on it, and it looks incredible. They published it to the site, and then they went out and started approaching different sites, asking them if they would like to link to this fantastic article. And, you know, who wouldn't!

The article is such a good quality that web admins can't resist linking to it. The article's been up about two months, and the outreach is well underway. And the links are already starting to come in. To check the links that were coming to the site, I've been using the fantastic Ahrefs. It's an excellent tool for doing keyword research and tracking your rankings. There have been 17 new links to that article that they created for me and added to my site. The domain rating of some links that were generated was 58. However, the majority of the links were over 30 when it comes to domain ratings. I've had a look at a few of the links and the sites that are linking through, and it seems that these are pretty good quality websites. I'm pleased with that. And in terms of the effect that it's had on the domain rating of – well, our domain rating shot up to 55. I think the links that they've been building to my site have helped with that. And the links have probably helped with that increase in organic traffic that we saw earlier within analytics and webmaster console.

I think they're going to send me a full report of exactly what's been going on very soon. If you'd like to get yourself a skyscraper link building campaign for your website, then get in touch with Niche Website Builders.

They are highly recommended, and they offer some other services as well, including:

  • creating ready to go affiliate websites
  • creating content for affiliate websites
  • link building campaigns

Final word

Don't forget to visit a special landing page they've created for my readers here. Pop your email address in, and you'll also get some special offers. Also, let me know in the comments how you've been getting on with your projects.

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