I Bought a New Website! DARTPICKS.COM

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Just in case you were thinking I already have too many websites – I bought another one! A viewer over on my WP Eagle Youtube channel approached me asking if I wanted to buy their site in the darts niche. And after having a good look I thought it could have potential.

The site is dartpicks.com and it's only 8 months old but has over 30 articles and is ranking for a whopping 444 keywords (says AHrefs) in the darts niche. Annnd it's already running on popcorn theme, which is terrific. So the plan is to flip it in a few months and see how much profit we can make.

dartpicks links

The Numbers $$$

I picked it up for $850 which seemed like a fair price as it's already earning $40 per month on Amazon.

Currently getting about 200 users a month but I think that number should go up soon looking at the number of keywords we're already ranking for.


The Plan

I'm planning to make simple changes to the site including:

  • new thumbnails
  • articles edited and tidied up
  • switch all tables to AAWP
  • increase speed by removing unecessary plugins
  • increase speed by moving away from current host (Hostgator)

Lastly, I'll start to add some more content and see if we can start ranking for some low-hanging fruit in the darts niche.

I'm hoping that by making these simple changes, tidying everything up and sell for around 10x ($8000 – $9000) so will be aiming to get the earnings up to around $250 per month.

To do this I'll keep going with Amazon and also get Ezoic on the site.

What do you think of dartpicks.com? Have you ever bought a website and flipped it? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you.

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