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Innnn this article I've got an update for you on my affiliate marketing website

Let's check out the latest earnings, traffic, and the latest work that I've done on the site.

Wheelalong Update

This niche site is just over a year old now. In the past month, I've added some content – 7 new articles published and the majority of these articles were written by real human writers!

niche site wheelong update

As you can see they're looking good, read well, and overall valuable additions to the site.


wheelalong traffic july 2021
total traffic

Looking at Google Analytics we're up to 1182 users – which is up nearly 12% from last month. Some of that traffic came from a recent youtube update video that I made – so let's look at organic traffic:

wheelalong organic traffic july 2021
Organic traffic

As you can see this is up too at 653 users – if you watched last month's update you'll know that it has been in decline recently so this is a great sign.

wheelalong google search console july 2021
Google search console

Having a look at Google Search Console there's maybe a bit of growth, but the main thing is it's no longer in decline.

Amazon Earnings

Checking in with the earnings for this month, we're looking at as this is a UK targetted site.

wheelalong amazon earnings july 2021 earnings

We got 611 clicks, 23 ordered items and the earnings are £42.13 ($58.59 at the current exchange rate) which is also up from last month.

Total Earnings

wheelalong adsense earnings july 2021
Adsense earnings

Nothing to get too excited about on Adsense with a total of £2.90 from ads. But adding that altogether brings the site's total earnings to a grand total of $62.59.

Link Building Campaign

The final thing I want to update you on is the Niche Website Builders (affiliate link) link-building campaign that they've been doing for me.

Take a look at this spreadsheet:

niche website builders campaign for wheelalong

As you can see they've won me a few links. I've had a look at them and they look pretty good – looking at Ahrefs they've got a reasonable DR and they're also getting a bit of traffic which is a good sign.

I think it's still early days to see the effect of that campaign on the organic rankings, but it bodes well and maybe next month we'll see an even steeper increase in organic traffic.

Final Words

Short and sweet! That brings us to the end of this update. How are things going with your affiliate sites? I'd love to know – leave me a comment.

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