Live Chat Q&A #2 – Affiliate Marketing Earnings and More

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So the first proper live stream went really well. Loads of great questions and comments from all you guys.

Here's the chat log from the stream:
Live chat

8:08 PM John Devino​Do you have any suggestion on making a hotel reservation affiliate website (prices compare). There are plugins like woozone or something else?

8:08 PM Noah Gomes​I'm doing wix. Is that OK

8:08 PM
WP Eagle​…

8:08 PM GXGAMES CENTRAL​Alex, do you want a free revamped intro for your channel? If so email me at [email protected]

8:10 PM Syed Nayab Haider​I suggest you read the questions in comments here once this live session is over and then try to answer those in upcoming live session or in some video.

8:10 PM Aditya Misra​Please can u do wix

8:10 PM Art Cotto​hi Alex

8:10 PM wais​I already made 8 sale and less than a 20 days after sending my website on live

8:10 PM wais​myshoppingsense(dot) com

8:10 PM wais​Once again Thank you so much for your videos

8:11 PM Carolyn C​dfdf

8:11 PM Embracing Wellness​carepathsolution . com

8:11 PM Aditya Misra​No I can't

8:11 PM Christopher Monk​yes

8:11 PM H. Del Toro​yes

8:11 PM Embracing Wellness​yes can see it

8:11 PM Aditya Misra​We can't

8:11 PM Rein Hofman​yes

8:11 PM Aditya Misra​We can't see it

8:11 PM Paul Harris​yes

8:11 PM David Morris​yo

8:11 PM Juan Leiva​Yes

8:11 PM Mirko H.​I can see it

8:11 PM Art Cotto​yes

8:11 PM Carolyn C​Hi Alex – I made a website with Kingdom/Woozone but the product images are all different sizes. Any fixes? AA Team say there is not.

8:12 PM TechGuy​sneakerscomfort(dot)com

8:12 PM Markos Russo​Alex you legend. I started building sites since I stumbled onto your zombies tutorial over a year ago. I now have 14 Amazon sites and have followed your vids ever since. Big thanks for what you do!!

8:12 PM Arron C​Hi Alex, this is my amazon affiliate site — lildeal(dot)com can you take a few second to check it for me?

8:13 PM Art Cotto​Hey Alex – when do you decide when its enough time for investing time on a new Affiliate website?

8:13 PM Kim Blakney​What did they use to create their website??

8:13 PM Li-ran Bukovza​Which WP plugin do you recommend to use for tables?

8:13 PM Syed Nayab Haider​Which one is better for affiliate marketing: Amazon or ClickBank?

8:13 PM Jared Anwyl​You wanna say the name of the channel you have on entrepreneur stuff?

8:14 PM Christopher Monk​my sites only 3 days old just launched it as an amazon store need to add some blog posts still but its interesting thenaturalmonk{dot}com. pUK site but aimed at USA A and UK market.

8:14 PM William Steele​I need an Amazon auto lister. I would like to list products from other suppliers to my Amazon seller central account

8:15 PM Christopher Monk​If you use the Xtheme you can add pricing tales easily using cornerstone

8:15 PM Rein Hofman​is there a big difference between free and paid themes?

8:15 PM Embracing Wellness​Would love a quick review of my site CarePathSolution . com

8:15 PM Art Cotto​I have been working for a couple of month into my drones-emporium . com web with only just a few sales.

8:15 PM Kim Blakney​Ok thanks

8:16 PM Li-ran Bukovza​I'm referring to comparison tables, tnx

8:16 PM William Steele​what is his name again

8:16 PM Vinod Garuda​how to earn continuely 500$ per month with one setup

8:16 PM Christopher Monk​nice arron i have the same amazon store script

8:16 PM Paul Harris​what is the recommended split between posts and pages on an affilliate site

8:17 PM Syed Nayab Haider​You may call me as Ali, but you aren't replying to my questions

8:17 PM Art Cotto​I'm more now into trading crypto for last 2 or 3 weeks

8:17 PM TechGuy​visit my website plz Alex

8:17 PM Vinod Garuda​how to earn continuely 500$ per month with one website setup

8:17 PM Art Cotto​yeah that one is still good

8:18 PM
WP Eagle​…

8:18 PM Noah Gomes​if this work for me. I'll do videos. If I can make money off this, anyone can. I type with my foot

8:18 PM Embracing Wellness​Beards are such a great niche, so many men are growing beards

8:18 PM George Ioannou​sorry for giving you a hard time on that video lol

8:18 PM Helen McGarrigle​Love his site!!

8:18 PM Art Cotto​I did subscribe to your friend channel

8:18 PM Syed Nayab Haider​It's default WP theme, I guess ?

8:18 PM William Steele​peterbaystore

8:19 PM Vinod Garuda​mr james how to earn continuely 500$ per month with one website setup

8:19 PM Juan Leiva​Can you visit my site tech gadgets and more . Com

8:20 PM Vinod Garuda​how to earn continuely 500$ per month with one website setup please tell me

8:20 PM Carolyn C​please help with my question…. appreciate any help on how to make product images the same size having imported in from Woozone (using Kingdom theme). AA Team no help.

8:20 PM William Steele​how does my website look Peterbaystore

8:20 PM Kim Blakney​I liked that one!!

8:20 PM Carolyn C​Love the video by the way

8:21 PM Christopher Monk​thanks alex yes flatsome theme and niche health market

8:21 PM BD English Council​Is there any way to change php in premium theme to customize the design on our own way? pls answer

8:21 PM Syed Nayab Haider​Which one is better for affiliate marketing: Amazon or ClickBank? waiting for your answer…

8:22 PM Vinod Garuda​how to earn continuely 500$ per month with one website setup

8:22 PM Kim Blakney​I'm a beginner. Should i start as an affiliate first before I start my own website?

8:22 PM Embracing Wellness​Is it ok to embed someone else's youtube video within an article/blog post?

8:23 PM TechGuy​can i sell on USA while living in Germany???

8:23 PM Syed Nayab Haider​​Which one is better for affiliate marketing: Amazon or ClickBank? waiting for your answer…

8:23 PM wais​Can you please tell more a bit more on how to fix the menu or use what things? you opened my website myshoppingsense. and yes your pronounced my name correct. and i already sold few items.

8:23 PM Kim Blakney​Appreciate ??

8:24 PM Mark Dooley​Is it possible to make any money with affiliate marketing from a free wix website

8:24 PM Vinod Garuda​thank u james thank u for your valuable suggestions

8:24 PM Syed Nayab Haider​Thanks Alex

8:24 PM Embracing Wellness​k thanks

8:25 PM Yehudah Nayman​do you you facebook ppc to send traffic to your amazon affiliate site, or only free traffic

8:25 PM Embracing Wellness​Really enjoying Doug's input also

8:25 PM wais​Man you are a legend… Thank you so much….

8:25 PM Suman Lala​hello

8:26 PM Syed Nayab Haider​Do you think Pinterest is a good tool for SEO purpose (affiliate products)

8:26 PM Kim Blakney​Bham AL it's 2:26 This was so helpful!!

8:26 PM GXGAMES CENTRAL​Please check out fidgets4all(.)com

8:26 PM martin prince​how to drive traffic to your site

8:26 PM Li-ran Bukovza​Do you get more revenue on your affiliate sites rather than your youtube channel?

8:26 PM Embracing Wellness​Do you think opt-in pop ups annoy some people.. should we use it no matter what (to gather email addresses)

8:26 PM Paul Harris​what is the recommended split of pages and posts containing content and links etc

8:28 PM Carolyn C​my question on image size pls??? have spent hrs on this….

8:28 PM Juan Leiva​Tech gadgets and more . Com

8:28 PM Li-ran Bukovza​Does an Amazon disclaimer need to be in the footer? Sidebar? Or can I place it on its own page? And do I also need a Privacy Policy & Terms of Use sections? If so, how do I create one?

8:28 PM Art Cotto​I'm using notification on my website now – better than email market – i guess

8:28 PM Vinod Garuda​what about author peng joon internet income intensive system

8:28 PM SheepDancer​Is it ok to put prices on my affiliate site and write next to it (price may change) as Amazon state that they don't allow it as prices change

8:29 PM 0skillz63​Are you making a living from your own websites or do you still have a day job ? Just curious ?

8:29 PM Syed Nayab Haider​Honestly Alexis, don't you think it's too late for newbies to become a successful affiliates? (Market is saturated, I guess)

8:29 PM Carolyn C​Thank you, will do

8:29 PM Li-ran Bukovza​Do you insert amazon product images manually through the site stripe? Or do you use a plugin?

8:30 PM Art Cotto​yeah - using onesignal(.)com

8:30 PM SheepDancer​Thank you

8:30 PM Christopher Monk​yes i agree notifications are good for post and product updates

8:31 PM Art Cotto​more people joining the notification than email

8:31 PM utube123 hhh​for electronic products, Amazon gives just 4% commission. I promote earphones and gadgets . is there any other good affiliate programs to promote these stuff?

8:31 PM roy hernandez​Can I have two different WP Themes? One is Kingdome with Woozone and my other one is going to be Streamstore with Amazon. is it easy to switch back and forth between the both?

8:31 PM Syed Nayab Haider​?

8:31 PM Ali Baba​can you give me suggestion to low competitive niche. that's I rank queckily.

8:32 PM Li-ran Bukovza​I'm sorry I didn't get the name of the plugin your recommended for fetching amazon images

8:33 PM yeavooz M​Hello

8:33 PM GXGAMES CENTRAL​I make $1200/Month with this Fidgets4all(.)com

8:33 PM yeavooz M​How?

8:34 PM utube123 hhh​please check out this site . just started a couple months back.

8:34 PM GXGAMES CENTRAL​I get 1k visitors per day

8:34 PM GXGAMES CENTRAL​using social media

8:34 PM yeavooz M​Oh wow

8:34 PM Vinod Garuda​what is your highest monthly income with all your websites

8:35 PM Yassir Allaoui​Mate I really think you've been impatient in your dropshipping journey no joke! If your ads aren't converting then your job is to find the converting ad+ site combination, that's when you bank hard!

8:35 PM
WP Eagle​…

8:35 PM Christopher Monk​content egg is super good im implementing that into my blog section later this week

8:35 PM Noah Gomes​today I'm doing a facebook page for Gomes-All-in1

8:35 PM Li-ran Bukovza​Thanks for the link

8:35 PM Li-ran Bukovza​Looking forward for the video

8:36 PM Alexander Celli​hello I don't quit understand an affiliate program

8:36 PM Juan Leiva​Check out my sight please I would like your input tech gadgets and more . com

8:36 PM Kim Blakney​I'm going to watch this again

8:37 PM Vinod Garuda​10 k per month wow that's great ur legend james

8:37 PM Carolyn C​Do Amazon only review your site once you start making sales?

8:37 PM yeavooz M​I made a website and it's been a couple of months so far how long will it take to start making commissions

8:37 PM Alexander Celli​thanks is there anymore affiliate program beside amazon

8:37 PM Frugal Foot​Thank you very much for the instructions on how to create a website. It would have been extremely difficult without your advice. Your instructions were very clear.

8:38 PM Konsulta Int​who in youtube do you think is someone we should follow ?

8:38 PM Anthony Tilahun​Hey Alex, can you repeat the questions outloud so that your viewers will know what questions you're answering. when i watched the last video you posted i wasn't able to see the chat or questions.

8:38 PM Ali Baba​what is best niche for amzon affiliate? that's less competitive.

8:38 PM Noah Gomes​I'll be happy with $500+/mo

8:38 PM Carolyn C​Cool thanks

8:38 PM Li-ran Bukovza​How much time you say it would take for a niche site with 10 articles and more in the future to start seeing meaningful traffic?

8:38 PM Nour SIDDAT​hello Alex, I have Woozone and would like to know if there is a way to do worth paying ads for affiliate products?

8:38 PM Kim Blakney​Is that Commission Junction??

8:39 PM Syed Nayab Haider​Sorry, but for how long you are in the business?

8:39 PM Nour SIDDAT​thank you

8:39 PM Alexander Celli​I have a product an how can I sell stuff on Amazon

8:39 PM GXGAMES CENTRAL​I run an online facebook page on complete autopilot! Getting likes and also scheduling! It's called Quotes Daily facebook(.)com/QuotesDailyUK

8:39 PM Anthony Tilahun​is that from 1 site that you made the 10,000?

8:40 PM GXGAMES CENTRAL​@Anthony Tilahun who are you talking about?

8:40 PM Li-ran Bukovza​What technique do you use for choosing keywords? I know doug uses his KGR method and it's pretty straightforward, love to hear your side

8:41 PM Vinod Garuda​how much is earning per month

8:41 PM Rein Hofman​can you put more than one affiliat source like amazone one a site?

8:41 PM Alexander Celli​How is your day, have a good day?

8:41 PM Kyle Joniak​I need help getting my website out there so people know about it any help?

8:41 PM GXGAMES CENTRAL​I run an online facebook page on complete autopilot! Getting likes and also scheduling! It's called Quotes Daily facebook(.)com/QuotesDailyUK

8:42 PM Familia Castro​have you ever sourced from Alibaba? any recommendations? any video?

8:42 PM Syed Nayab Haider​Well, which one would you prefer: AWeber or Mailchimp?

8:42 PM yeavooz M​Check out my new website grizzlyalpha

8:42 PM yeavooz M​.com

8:42 PM ALIKING 1096​hii

8:42 PM yeavooz M​I just made

8:43 PM Rein Hofman​can you put more than one affiliat source like amazone on one site?

8:43 PM yeavooz M​Idk how I will do

8:43 PM Familia Castro​Thanks!!!!

8:43 PM Nour SIDDAT​should qe focus on page listing content or blog content Alex ? Thanks

8:43 PM Carolyn C​yeah good Q Rein – wondered the same thing!

8:44 PM Anthony Tilahun​Do you know anything about the WooEnvato? The affiliate plugin by the same people who made WooZone?

8:44 PM Li-ran Bukovza​Those are great tools, but do you go for low volume searches? Today I'm targeting less that 250 searches a month with a little results on allintitle. Would like to hear your approach

8:44 PM mehdi mgharts​hi

8:44 PM Vinod Garuda​how much is monthly earnings of

8:44 PM Carolyn C​you answered it ? about more than one AM on one site

8:44 PM Brandon Clawges​How do I include the link and product photo from other affilaite websites on my blog? I watched your video on how to do it with Amazon but is the process the same for other sites?

8:45 PM ALIKING 1096​hii bro reply

8:45 PM Anthony Tilahun​Yes, I bought it and I'm having trouble but it's no where near vast as Woozone

8:45 PM Anthony Tilahun​as far as options and settings

8:45 PM GXGAMES CENTRAL​I run an online facebook page on complete autopilot! Getting likes and also scheduling! It's called Quotes Daily facebook(.)com/QuotesDailyUK it uses completely free traffic!

8:46 PM Mark Dooley​I started a free wix site after seeing a video saying you could earn hundreds per day from one. I am just trying to earn at least £50 – £100 per week for starters how long would it take to do this.

8:46 PM mehdi mgharts​plz i need automatique plugin for amazon affiliat ?

8:46 PM Li-ran Bukovza​Good answers my good man, hope you'll do these Q&A more often

8:47 PM Anthony Tilahun​Have you ever had a problem when you pull products down with WOOZone that it stored some of those photos locally to your media library? Even though Remote image is turned on

8:47 PM ALIKING 1096​bro can you plz promote my channel my channel is about clash of clans and 8 ball pool

8:47 PM Anthony Tilahun​Do you do this Full time?

8:47 PM GXGAMES CENTRAL​I have an online facebook page, It's called Quotes Daily facebook(.)com/QuotesDailyUK it uses completely free traffic! ARE U ABLE TO CHECK IT OUT?

8:47 PM Carolyn C​lol!

8:47 PM Anthony Tilahun​YES! That's what I was saying earlier! LOL It's okay, YOU STILL ROCK!

8:48 PM ALIKING 1096​thanks bro

8:48 PM wais​Do you have any video on CSS

8:48 PM Anthony Tilahun​You and my new born is what really motivated me in getting started with AF Marketing

8:48 PM Syed Nayab Haider​Imo, one should promote products from only one niche, yeah niche can be broader enough to have many products.

8:48 PM Anthony Tilahun​I can help with that

8:48 PM Christopher Monk​Alex you should use superchat

8:48 PM yeavooz M​Af is hard

8:49 PM Mark Dooley​I have contacted a few related companies to join their affiliate programmes and had no responses.

8:49 PM Li-ran Bukovza​What is the average word count on your reviews and info posts?

8:49 PM Kim Blakney​Have you heard of the Six Figure Mentors?

8:49 PM wais​Thank you so much… I am working on content and bring changes in my website.

8:49 PM mehdi mgharts​​plz i need automatique plugin for amazon affiliat ?

8:49 PM Christopher Monk​yes we can pay to get our chats seen

8:50 PM Embracing Wellness​You must be a busy guy. Do you focus your attention more to making new sites once you get the existing ones making you money?

8:50 PM Paul Harris​which market would you aim at first. US , UK , european? ?

8:50 PM ALIKING 1096​can you plz make a video on how to make a affiliate website without woozone because i saw your videos but i can't understand the steps plz make a simple video

8:50 PM Kim Blakney​Yes they are expensive and you are right

8:50 PM Anthony Tilahun​What I appreciate the most is the way you provide these videos. You're most genuine sir and I appreciate that!

8:50 PM Ali Baba​when I goto thewirecutter(.)com I see they use amazon product plugin. what's name do you know?

8:50 PM Mark Dooley​I called Amazon to join their programme and they took all my details and never contacted me back. I tried to signup online and could not as I kept receiving an error message on the onlineform

8:50 PM Syed Nayab Haider​Agree? Imo, one should promote products from only one niche, yeah niche can be broader enough to have many products.

8:50 PM Anthony Tilahun​Full Time?

8:51 PM yeavooz M​I never made money yet from af marketing yet.

8:51 PM Art Cotto​how your zombie merc website its doing?

8:51 PM wais​that will be great alex

8:51 PM yeavooz M​How is your last site that you made?

8:52 PM Carolyn C​Amazon got back to me straight away when I got a connection error message

8:53 PM Syed Nayab Haider​When you be live next time? We should better write down the questions by that time.

8:53 PM Anthony Tilahun​Yes!

8:53 PM Anthony Tilahun​You're doing a great job though!

8:53 PM Rein Hofman​its great you are doing this thnx

8:53 PM Carolyn C​Enjoyed it!! Great work

8:53 PM Noah Gomes​when you say content, you mean write blogs, reviews

8:53 PM Syed Nayab Haider​What about every weekend (live session)?

8:53 PM Embracing Wellness​Yes it is great to get our specific questions answered

8:54 PM Mark Dooley​Can you sign up for Google adsense with a free wix site as they would not accept the website when I tried.

8:54 PM Helen McGarrigle​Loved this Alex – questions have been great – look forward to the next one!!

8:54 PM Noah Gomes​Thank you

8:54 PM Vinod Garuda​what about wpeagle earnings

8:54 PM Anthony Tilahun​Make that Subscribe in your background a button, lol! Make it a hover button

8:54 PM Carolyn C​earrings…. I'd buy them ?

8:55 PM Anthony Tilahun​Behind you

8:55 PM Kim Blakney​This was exciting

8:55 PM wais​Alex, Once again thank you so much for giving us time and talk to us and solved our issues. and helped us a lot with your detailed videos and explanations.

8:55 PM SheepDancer​You've done a great job. It's been helpful hearing how others are getting on with their sites. Thanks

8:55 PM Anthony Tilahun​Can you post the chat with the next video

8:56 PM Syed Nayab Haider​I think answering our question should make you relaxed enough ?

8:56 PM Anthony Tilahun​Control A+

8:56 PM Anthony Tilahun​to select all

8:56 PM Helen McGarrigle​lol Anthony!!

8:56 PM Anthony Tilahun​then Control +C into notepad

8:56 PM Vinod Garuda​enjoyed thank you brother

8:56 PM Kim Blakney​Thanks have a good one ?

8:56 PM Cynthia Hebert​thanks very interesting

8:56 PM Syed Nayab Haider​You are superb Alex (thumbs up)

8:56 PM Helen McGarrigle​nearly 9PM here too

8:56 PM Embracing Wellness​Take care guys!

8:56 PM Mark Dooley​does doug have a channel too

8:57 PM Anthony Tilahun​I'm at work

8:57 PM Carolyn C​Goodnight from London

8:57 PM Anthony Tilahun​make sure you turn time stamp on

8:57 PM Vinod Garuda​1.27PM in india

8:57 PM Rein Hofman​good night from amsterdam

8:57 PM Anthony Tilahun​Toggle your timestamp

8:57 PM Paul Harris​Thanks Alex

8:57 PM Syed Nayab Haider​hahaha copy-paste, good idea by the way

8:57 PM Art Cotto​thanks Alex

8:57 PM Vinod Garuda​good night from india

8:57 PM

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  1. Hello Alex,

    I am from Australia abd just setup 2 amazon affiliate website. but i’m having from about the payment because there’s no direct deposit outside US or UK. and i really dont want to opt for check. can you please help me

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