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First Streamed on 6th December 2017

In this stream we talk about valuing your time, Woozone, Affiliate marketing and H1 tags.

Here's the chat log:

3:15 PMDwayne RAYdo you need a business account set up and how would you pay yourself

3:15 PMEmbracing WellnessFor the Beer Shirts site, did you have to purchase a woocommerce license just for it?

3:15 PMUdta PunjabMy brother is the seller on amazon, can I do affiliate marketing for his products.

3:15 PMDavid Morrisonyou can also create drafts in WP

3:15 PMFormulaikIf the host is in the US you can submit a DMCA Takedown Request

3:16 PMZahedy RaccaThanks for answering my question Xx

3:16 PMMartin O'Dohertyim running the Genesis framework on my blog using the Pretty Darn Chic theme, I have an ad from adwords on my site but its too big to fit into the box the theme provides…can the ad be made to fit?

3:17 PMGreen engineerHow to use Amazon API for product images (I'm not using woocommerce)?How to monitor many WP sites from a single dashboard?

3:18 PMThe Wandering Photographerjust signed into HostGator with your affiliate, just a newbie .. but your video says nothing about woozone do I need it for Amazon

3:20 PMDan Friothx

3:20 PMUdta PunjabHow much is your total investment for beer shirts project and where is the money spent on it? Thanks.

3:21 PMNathan Townshow do you get more traffic

3:21 PMNathan Townswhats the main source of traffic

3:21 PMLee Hendersonthey are made by the same people but my Russian isn't good enough to tell from the videos what each one does.

3:21 PMAnthony TThere's a plugin to hide your WP-admin

3:22 PMDavid Morrisoncheck it out

3:23 PMAnthony TQ: Do you use any tool/software/web service that allows you to make a single post across multiple Social network, facebook, twitter, pintrest, etc…

3:23 PMcee dee[message retracted]

3:23 PMNeil Cheesmancover it?

3:23 PMNeil Cheesmantest my site is another verson of mobile friendly

3:23 PMNeil Cheesman#version

3:24 PMcee dee[message retracted]

3:25 PMcee dee[message retracted]

3:25 PMNeil CheesmanSiteground offer wildcard ssls including sub-domains but I think some SSL may be different…

3:25 PMThe Wandering Photographernewbie…….just signed into HostGator with your affiliate, just a newbie .. but your video says nothing about woozone do I need it for Amazon

3:25 PMUdta PunjabHonestly, Do you feel like amazon affiliate program has future, people are buying a lot more from cashback websites. Even they click link from Amazon affiliate website but not at the time of buying

3:27 PMBetty KHi Alex, I am getting some traffic (>80 ) to my site but the clicks to amazon are very low (<10) Most of the clicks are on the products section of the site. Any ideas how can improve the conversion?

3:28 PMThe EnthusiastCan you use other peoples pictures on your own website? But credit them by placing their name or website ?

3:28 PMEmbracing WellnessI have SSL, but when i view my site using the Incognito browser, its not showing the word “Secure but it is showing up on my regular browser. Does this mean new visitors won't see my site as “Secure”?

3:28 PMNeil CheesmanCurrently going through copyright theft – IF someone is making money from it – then maybe worth doing… IF a web page is displaying in Google SERPS – you can click at bottom of page and FEEDBACK

3:29 PMJoshua Sousathere is a lot of negative feedback on woozone and Amazon. why?

3:31 PMEmbracing WellnessHow can I edit the “header” file with Kingdom theme? I can't see any editor, only “edit css”. I am trying to remove the shopping cart from the header section.

3:31 PMJustActingCan I just use a demo theme (Rehub) with minor ‘Business name' changes straight out the box?

3:32 PMBetty KLast week I asked about H1, I have used different tools and they keep saying my H1 is missing for both the blog and product tittles. Did contact support and they advised to reinstall the theme ……

3:32 PMKazi Obaidul AlamHey, I think “boot boutique” is not a mobile friendly site. Can you please do something with that? Thank you

3:32 PMNeil CheesmanHow much are you paying for blog posts?

3:33 PMTamar Weintraubsorry I just joined now did you speak about the new kingdom? i”m having some problems with editing the colors and fonts

3:33 PMDavid MorrisonWhat tool do you use to adjust image sizes for your facebook ads?

3:33 PMIan SI only have standard SSL so have to pay Godaddy £200 for SSL that covers sub domains. Is it a bad idea to create landing page with, say MailChimp/lead pages or other free service in the web address?

3:33 PMTamar Weintraubit looks like your sitting in the sun……

3:33 PMAnt Vaughnshey I just created my website yesterday and it doesn't seem to be pulling up on the internet .. what should I do so I can visit my own site online.

3:34 PMInvestor GeekHey Alex, thank for replying to my comment a few weeks ago. I recently made a drop shipping site with product through oberlo & shopify. Took an hour to make, ever been interested?

3:34 PMLee HendersonWhen evaluating your sites do you consider the cost of your time when deciding if the site is paying its way?

3:34 PMBetty K……..I did as advised but the problem still persists. For the blog i have placed the H1 manually but for the products i dont know what to do . please help. my support has expired.can share my site

3:35 PMTamar Weintraubcan I use on my site youtube videos without fear of copyrighting?

3:35 PMUdta PunjabWhat's your highest earning / best project / website and is that favourite because of your earnings or you were so much interested in it?

3:37 PMDavid Morrisonsince oct 9th thanks to your advice my site has earned $33.54 and has a 32.10% conversion rate and thats in the month of November.. so you've helped me prove this actually works many many thanks

3:37 PMLee HendersonAre you making videos for your affiliate sites? If so what sort of videos are they and how do you make them.

3:38 PMKazi Obaidul AlamHow can we make woozone as a mobile friendly site?

3:38 PMLeo RichardsonNo question, just wanted to say thank you for creating the great videos and Q/A. Huge help!!!!

3:38 PMUdta PunjabWhats the free alternative for not buying wo license. What exactly advantages /disadvantages we can consider..

3:38 PMNeil CheesmanI have a new woozone site and it IS mobile friendly

3:38 PMNeil Cheesmanwith Kingdom The,e

3:38 PMLee Henderson[message retracted]

3:38 PMNeil CheesmanTheme

3:39 PMMohammed Fakchichhello from morocco ! ilove ur stuff, iwant to know what's d best web host?

3:39 PMKazi Obaidul AlamNeil can I have your site name?

3:39 PMLee HendersonI was talking about content egg and affiliate egg.

3:41 PMUdta PunjabI am not sure if you have answered it before, do u think amazon affiliate has future. People wants to buy from cashback sites more.

3:41 PMNadrah YoussefWhat is he saying buffer&hoot sweet what are they.

3:43 PMNeil Cheesmanis traffic REAL people and not just BOTS

3:43 PMAnthony Twhat time of day are you most productive?

3:44 PMNeil CheesmanBuyer intent as Alex says is VERY important

3:45 PMNeil CheesmanSome websites have a copyright notice as to how images can be used – Google often displays terms

3:45 PMTamar Weintraubcan you take images from Amazon?

3:46 PMEmbracing Wellnesscarepathsolution

3:46 PMEmbracing Wellnessdot com

3:48 PMLee HendersonRe Woozone, if it was any good you wouldn't need to be contacting support so much so I don't see that it is now working.

3:49 PMIan Sjust for anyone new like me, i bought a Domain and didnt click Domain privacy and went straight into the WHOIS directory, I got bombarded by over 170 e-mails and 35 phonecalls, bad mistake

3:49 PMIan SALLWAYS get domain privacy ?

3:51 PMShawn Kidwellsooo freaking late ?

3:52 PMAnthony THey Alex, I have a very useful WP Site tool that I'm building that I think will prove to be valuable to alot of users, would you mention in one of your videos for me?

3:52 PMNeil Cheesmansome country domains don't offer domain privacy (I believe)

3:53 PMAnthony Tbad link

3:54 PMShawn Kidwelltextbullet before .com

3:54 PMUdta PunjabWhat's the reason for you to buy .uk domain, you could have targeted complete web with beer shirts and amazon us. Any particular reason to target UK only??

3:54 PMNeil CheesmanGoogle Mobile Friendly shows bootboutique as MOBILE FRIENDLY

3:55 PMAnthony Tpage not found

3:55 PMAnthony TYou might have Cached version

3:55 PM

WP Eagle

3:55 PMwais kMINE Works

3:56 PMShawn Kidwellshouldn't .com be last in link?

3:56 PMDavid Morrisonmine worked

3:57 PMDavid Morrisonlol live TV gotta love it

3:58 PMDavid Morrisonyoure all good mate

4:01 PMUdta PunjabWhat's your highest earning / favourite project. What's so special about it? Is it .uk??

4:02 PMDavid Morrisonive had no issues with Woozone far ?

4:03 PMAnthony T​Hey Alex, I have a very useful WP Site tool that I'm building that I think will prove to be valuable to a lot of users, would you mention in one of your videos for me?

4:03 PMUdta PunjabNot sure if you have answered before. What's the free alternative for buying Woozone license.

4:03 PMDavid Morrisoncan u make a video on just Youtube

4:03 PMIan Ssorry if i missed answer, had to take a phonecall?

4:04 PMIan SI only have standard SSL so have to pay Godaddy £200 for SSL that covers sub domains. Is it a bad idea to create landing page with, say MailChimp/lead pages or other free service in the web address?

4:04 PMJen Rockwill you do any tutorials on google analytics and adwords?

4:04 PMNeil CheesmanI do still have ‘blurry' images – ie re-sized incorectly

4:05 PMNeil Cheesman#incorrectly

4:05 PMTamar Weintraubcan I use on my site youtube videos without fear of copyrighting?can I use images from Amazon?

4:05 PMcrazy worldomg..!!! i was late today and almost missed today

4:05 PMEmbracing WellnessFor the “Secure” my site is carepathsolution if you have time to see if the SSL is showing up on your end.

4:06 PMAnthony Twhat do you think of 1and1?

4:06 PMAnthony Tfor hosting

4:06 PMIan Syep, they charge for everything

4:06 PMJen Rockthe whole thing step by step, lol

4:06 PMZahedy RaccaDoes Woozone plugin allows you to select the cheapest price available for a product or do you have to select it manually?

4:06 PMNeil CheesmanI have ?

4:06 PMjhon devsHello Alex , Why do you use Godaddy for domains ? and not hostgator or any other registrar

4:07 PMJen RockAlso how to go about making sure the website u build is completely secure

4:07 PMDavid Morrisonfacebook live ..there ya go

4:07 PMDavid Morrisonheaded there now

4:07 PMMal HolmesHi Alex … No don't move to Facebook !

4:07 PMUdta PunjabI like you more on YouTube

4:08 PMDavid MorrisonLIKED

4:08 PMAnthony TI have a very useful WP Site tool that I'm building that I think will prove to be valuable to a lot of users, would you mention in it in one of your videos for me if you like it?

4:08 PMIan Sliked ?

4:09 PMIan S@jhon devs it ws me that is using Goadday, Alex just comented on my question

4:09 PMEmbracing Wellnessthanks

4:09 PMJen is good for hostong

4:10 PMJen Rockthank you, love ur tutorials

4:10 PMJen is also free for ssl

4:11 PMUdta PunjabNamecheap experience?

4:11 PMDavid MorrisonIm going to consider moving to WP engine from host gator

4:12 PMDavid MorrisonIve purchasedmy domains from Namecheap no issues

4:12 PMTamar Weintraubthank you, love ur tutorials, good night ?

4:12 PMcrazy worldcan you suggest few tips on keyword research to improve organic traffic

4:13 PMIan Syou could use GoToWebinar, much better panel for you and get a wider audience and options?

4:13 PMUdta PunjabIs it true that we should not try to have adsense on affiliate website??

4:14 PMLee HendersonSound has gone off

4:14 PMIan SFree SSL, i;m moving now lol

4:14 PMDavid Morrisonthe site is working so we shall see

4:14 PMAnthony TAlex, Your top 5 theme. GO!…

4:14 PMjhon devsThanks for the answers

4:14 PMwais kThank you ALEX, EVeryone Please Smash the Like Button for ALEX////?????

4:15 PMLee HendersonDomain prices from the UK companies have gone up a lot in price in recent years so I have been using Namecheap for a while, you get free domain privacy when you register.

4:15 PMDavid Morrison??

4:16 PMAce88?

4:16 PMDavid RoscherKeyword Shitter? Seriously?

4:16 PMDavid Morrisonlol

4:16 PMDavid Morrisondig it

4:16 PMAce88lol

4:16 PMCharles andersonCan you do a video on how to change your hosting, showing how to move the site and domain over.

4:16 PMLee Hendersonits back now

4:16 PMIan Sno

4:16 PMDavid RoscherSound is good

4:17 PMIan Scan hear you

4:17 PMDavid MorrisonI can hear ya

4:17 PMJen Rockno can hear u

4:17 PMDavid RoscherIf sound issues, Road

4:17 PMDavid Roscher…ReLoad!

4:17 PMIan Ssound is fine here

4:18 PMDavid RoscherBesides ProSociate what other Amazon Affiliate associate Tool is Premium??

4:19 PMDavid RoscherWooZone?

4:19 PMDavid RoscherAny reason to use WooZone versus ProSociate??

4:19 PMDavid RoscherVice versa?

4:19 PMThe Wandering PhotographerI thought I'd have to for anyone to see me outside Ireland

4:20 PMSaumya Senguptawhat's this video all about?

4:20 PMJen Rockas a web designer what do u think are the most important services to offer. Seo, is it enough to just provide an optimised site or shoul u also be able to offer all round seo for eg

4:20 PMJen Rockit's general q & a on websites & related

4:21 PMSaumya SenguptaThanks Jen!

4:21 PMJen Rockwelcome

4:21 PMcrazy worldyeah i'll check out. do you use semrush for keyword research?

4:22 PMJen Rockif ur watching, like the video, its only fair

4:22 PMIan S@Lee Henderson, with Namecheap, is it east to link your free domain to any web hoster?

4:22 PMAnthony TAlex, why aren't you wear a Beer shirt to help better promote your affiliate site? and drink beer while streaming.

4:22 PMAnthony Tlol

4:22 PMNeil CheesmanMost hosting companies will migrate content free or at low cost

4:22 PMAnthony T???????

4:23 PMUdta PunjabCan you please tell me the name of the micro phone you are using. It looks nice.

4:23 PMDavid RoscherI bought ProSociate when they had a special last week.

4:24 PMDavid RoscherI was deliberating versus WooZone then Jumped for ProSociate.

4:24 PMMarcel ButcovanIs it necessary to be UK resident to get your money straight into your bank account? I live in a different country of Europe but I have a UK bank account because I lived in UK last year.

4:25 PMDavid RoscherDunno why I didn't just got for WooZone, ‘IamPaulJames' recommended ProSociate, then they had a special.

4:25 PMSaumya SenguptaI am subscribed to your channel.So hopped in from India as soon as I saw you are live. How does this discussion help my WordPress website?

4:25 PMDavid RoscherAny thoughts on “PixelYourSite”??

4:25 PMUdta PunjabDo u live in buying traffic for seo. Fb marketing is different. How Buying traffic can be useful in affliate websites

4:26 PMDavid Roscher..For Pixel uses?

4:26 PMIan S@Neil Cheesman sorry, i think you answered my question? wouldnt a free domain name come with some kind of restriction in dedicated web address or cost more to link to a hoster?

4:27 PMcrazy worldthank you alex. i'll join earlier in next stream

4:27 PMDavid RoscherDo you Recommend Advertising with YouTube or Facebook or Both??

4:27 PMAnthony TDo you create a retainer contract for those who want ongoing maintenance?

4:27 PMJen Rockok that sounds great, I build thru wordpress, optimize using yoast, but yeah SEO is a whole other ball game… I just want to design, and do the content really

4:28 PMJen Rockthank u!

4:28 PMDavid RoscherI am Just Starting out… Does THEME really make a HUGE difference??

4:28 PMcrazy worldi like your interaction with people. great..

4:28 PMDavid RoscherProSociate has a 90 day Amazon Cookie versus 24 hour Cookie

4:28 PMSaumya Senguptais it safe to update WordPress version to a newer version as prompted by the Dashboard ? Does that affect my website?-You can call me Shoumo.

4:28 PMJen RockBest ways to get new website out there?

4:29 PMAlec LifestyleDo you recommend using amazon .com or for a blog?

4:30 PMDavid RoscherI <3 your Channel; I SUBSCRIBED with the Bell 😉 ?

4:31 PMLee HendersonIan S yes same as all domain name providers just input your nameservers.

4:31 PMDavid RoscherFor Tracking, What tool do you use? AdEspresso or Voluum?

4:31 PMSaumya Senguptais it safe to update WordPress version to a newer version as prompted by the Dashboard ? Does that affect my website?-You can call me Shoumo.-SH-O-U-M-O

4:31 PMThe Wandering Photographerdo you mind your affiliate product having a shelf life of one year or so

4:32 PMJen Rockyes

4:32 PMUdta PunjabTime of session is up. Thank you.

4:32 PMDavid RoscherOther channel?

4:32 PMUdta PunjabPlease have a beer in front of us

4:32 PMJen Rockim on all ur chanels , fb & twitter

4:32 PMAnthony TI don't Subscribe to just anyone. I've had my Youtube account for years, you're the first that made me want to subscribe.

4:32 PMAce88Best ads to start out with?

4:32 PMNeil Cheesmanthanks for the info Alex

4:33 PMUdta PunjabYou are very nice, really you are from UK. Lol

4:33 PMIan Severy link you have sent Alex i have subscrbied to lol ?…… i'm not a stalker, i promise ?

4:34 PMDavid RoscherDo you use An Indexer? SyndLab any

4:34 PMNeil CheesmanI have emailed re images

4:34 PMSaumya SenguptaWhy I am asking this because most of my plugins are not updated in the older versions. Pls answer this.

4:34 PMJen Rockthank you very much for your advice & time

4:34 PMIan Sthanks Alex, hopefully will be same time next week ?

4:34 PMDavid RoscherTHANK YOU

4:34 PMAce88We hear you

4:34 PMAlec LifestyleI have a website in the bedroom niche. A following of 15k on social media. The demographic is 55 percent usa and 30 uk. What would you do?

4:34 PMAnthony TDo you create a retainer contract for those who want ongoing maintenance?

4:34 PMNeil CheesmanThanks

4:34 PMLee HendersonCheers Alex, I've found your FB sites for WP Eagle and BeerShirts and followed them now.

4:34 PMAlec LifestyleFor the or .com affiliate?

4:35 PMMal HolmesAll good … thanks.

4:35 PMMarcel ButcovanThanks Alex

4:35 PMBrit BavariaMany thanks Alex, it was very interesting as always. Good night

4:35 PMThe Wandering Photographerdon't talk about bitcoin it won't verify my ID

4:36 PMAnthony TI like and dislike your video, like it because of the content, dislike cuz i want you to stay on youtube streaming FOREVER! j/k

4:36 PMUdta PunjabCan you tell me where did u make your other channel

4:36 PMUdta PunjabBanner

4:36 PMAce88Storefront is free

4:36 PMSaumya Senguptapls answer my last question pls

4:36 PMDavid RoscherC'mon people LIKE IT

4:36 PMCharles andersonThanks Alex

4:36 PMLeo RichardsonDo you ever consider creating a custom theme from scratch or do you always start with a pre-made theme?

4:37 PMAnthony TLast question: Do you create a retainer contract for those who want ongoing maintenance?

4:37 PMSaumya SenguptaThanks a lot!

4:37 PMDavid RoscherDid you pay for your iPhone Xyz??

4:38 PMDavid RoscherDo you use .XYZ domain's??

4:38 PMRogins Pierre LouisWhy i do not receive commission for products i bought from my site

4:38 PMAnthony TBy the YEar? or by the month?

4:38 PMDavid RoscherDraw your GOLDend nuggets of data and wisdom!!

4:39 PMDavid RoscherHow many customers do you have approx??

4:39 PMLeo Richardsonok, Thanks man. Have a great rest of the day.

4:39 PMIan Sthanks Alex, great stuff ?

4:39 PMDavid Morrisonhave a GREAT night

4:39 PMDavid RoscherAny reason to limit your clients??

4:40 PMAnthony TThank you Alex, do you still keep a chat log on WPeagle of this video?

4:39 PMAce88WP engine is really expensive

4:39 PMIan Si have another 50 questuons if you want to answer them lol??

4:40 PMAnthony T@Ian S LOL

4:40 PMDavid RoscherWho do you Prefer as a Host? WP ?

4:41 PMAnthony TToggle Timestamp on

4:41 PMAce88It’s like woocomnerce

4:41 PMIan Slol, didnt think of that tactic…. buy my own products ?


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  1. I am looking for someone to create content for my site. You were talking about it and you also said why you did not like
    You mentioned the name of the guys you use (monthly fee, etc) but I was not able to hear the name you recommended.
    Thank you for your time.

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