The Best Way To BUILD LINKS to your site! [Niche Website Builders Shotgun Skyscraper Review]

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Today I'm going to share my review of the shotgun skyscraper link building service from Niche Website Builders.

What is Shotgun Skyscraper Link Building Campaign

For a shotgun skyscraper link-building campaign, you need to create a fantastic bit of content for your website. Once you've published that article, you do some outreach to sites that you think might be interested in the article. And you encourage them to create a link because it's such a great article. This is a very well-known and popular way of building links to your site.

Here are the benefits:

  • it doesn't involve guest posts
  • you don't have to create lots of content
  • you have to create that one bit and make sure that it's excellent

Then you need to do your outreach and encourage people to link to it. But of course, that's quite a bit of work. Putting together a fantastic article, getting it written, and designing all the illustrations and images is not easy. Then you must find a whole load of prospects and send them loads of emails. Then you've got to follow up, and the process is long and tedious. You do get some great results if you can follow it through. But there is a lot of work involved.

Does Your Site Need Niche Website Builders?

Outsourcing campaigns like this is an excellent strategy. And that's where the guys at Niche Website Builders come in. They do it all. They do the entire process for you. They create that fantastic bit of content, publish it to your website with some great images and illustrations, and then take care of all the outreach. All you need to do is sit back and watch the links to your site be built. They've been running a campaign on one of my affiliate marketing websites, I'm sure you're familiar with it. It's a site I created a couple of years back now. And I've been sharing my progress with it since then. It's all in a handy playlist if you want to go check it out here.

They've been doing a shotgun skyscraper campaign on that site since November 2020. And the results have been pretty impressive. I will share with you exactly what they did, the content they produced, and the links that they built to my site. Also, you're going to see the effect that that's had on the overall rankings and traffic to the site.

Before we go too much further, I should say that they've been doing it for free for me. And I haven't had to pay them. I am here to give an honest opinion on the things I've experienced, and I'm here to share it with you. I'm always very clear and always say if the service is good or not. I'm going to share with you the facts and the figures that I experienced.

If you want to check out the service for yourself and also get your hands on some great discounts and some bonuses, then do check out a special page that the guys have set up for me on their website. If you do sign up with the guys, then I will earn a commission. Thank you very much.

Niche Website Builders Pricing & Packages

Let me start by just showing you what the service is and how much it costs.

They have three levels of this service:

  • Budget
  • Baller
  • Ballistic

Check out their page to see the latest pricing and packaging.

At the moment, they have been running the Budget package for me.

For that, you get:

  • 8 links a month
  • 2 DR 30 links
  • 2 DR 50 links
  • one article every three months

They recommend that you run the campaign for at least four months.

Their Ballistic package, which is their top-end package, is $1995 a month at the moment.

And for that, you get:

  • 24 links
  • 6 DR 30
  • 6 DR 50

For those of you that don't know, DR is basically just a number that allows you to measure the authority of a website. Basically, the higher the number, the more authority the site has, the better a link from that site to your site will be in terms of the impact it will have on your Google rankings. $795 sounds like quite a lot for just the budget package, but it has a good value.

What Did They do for My Website?

Let me show you in detail what they did for my site The first article they put up was a fantastic guide on planning for a road trip. If you check it out, you'll see that they are well written. The articles are nice and long packed full of helpful information. And they also have some nice illustrations that have been custom designed.

The second article they put up was a complete guide to traveling with dogs. This was published three months after the initial one. There you can see lovely illustrations and lots of great information, and it complements my website.

The third and final article was a beginner's camping guide. This is an excellent post about camping, full of great illustrations. It's long and full of useful information. The process for getting the content is effortless. They basically send you over a draft. You read through it and let them know if you like it if you want any changes. Once you're happy with the content, they then publish it to your website.

What Were the Results?

Now is the time to get a closer look at the links they were able to generate to these articles. In total, over the five months, they were able to generate 62 links to The average DR of those links was 37, which is pretty high. And some links were DR 50 and above. With 62 links built, we can quickly calculate how much each link was actually costing. Over five months, the total cost of the campaign would be $3975 when we divide that by 62 links that we've got, giving us a total of $64 per link.

You might know that I've been using a few other link-building companies. Stan Ventures are working great as well. However, if you look at their prices for links, you'll see that they charge at least $100 for a DA 30 plus link, and that's with my special discount being applied. Normally it's $200. From Niche Website Builders, the cost per link is much lower and much better value.

Pro Tip: Always keep in mind the cost per link when you are testing things like these.

But what effect has all this had on the website? If I bring up Google analytics and look at the organic SEO traffic, we can see that it's increased significantly. Back in November, I was getting 10,422 users per month, and last month, March, I pulled in 24,282 users.

I'm aware that roof boxes are seasonal, so I did expect an increase in traffic during that period. And as we head into summer, traffic can only go up. But still, that's pretty impressive. I have got other things going on on the site, but those links have boosted the site's organic presence for sure. When I drilled into Google analytics and looked at the traffic generated by their content, I noticed that it brought lots of traffic. I mean, that content isn't there to drive traffic from Google. It's there to attract links. But it's only a bonus if it goes well on Google as well.


Now you wondering, is the skyscraper shotgun link building campaign from Niche Website Builders worth it?

I think it is. The cost per link is reasonable. The way they generate links is very natural. So rather than putting guest posts out or doing any of that stuff, people are linking to a high-quality piece of content on your website. Plus, I think the content they provide is excellent. With Stan Ventures, for example, you don't get any content. You just get the links. Whereas with Niche Website Builders, you get content and links.

If you want to increase the number of links to your website to improve your search engine visibility, I would definitely recommend Niche Website Builders. Remember I've got a special link for my readers here where you can get a discount, and you get some extras on their services.

If you want to get more links to your site and improve your SEO, go check them out!

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