Wheelalong.co.uk AFFILIATE WEBSITE August Update – (It’s up ☝️ and down 👇)

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It's time for another update on Wheelalong which is now 13 months old. If you want to check out how I made this site or even make one just like it, I made a full video tutorial on it and you can check it out here.

August has been an interesting month for the site – some things are up and some are down. Let's get into it!

What I've Done

Haven't done much at all on the site in August as I was away for a lot of August. I had requested some articles from a writer – though been having difficulty getting them to deliver. Will have to request from another writer which has held everything up.

Traffic Analytics

I think the lack of publishing and maybe the season {as people are on holiday and not looking for wheelbarrows as much} is reflected in the traffic numbers.

wheelalong aug traffic

As you can see both users and pageviews are down. This is also the case for organic search with only 571 users in August. It's a similar story on Google Search console.

wheelalong aug traffic organic search

However, I'm not too worried about this as I think it's due to a lack of updated content on the site and the season.

Link Building Update

My friends over at Niche Website Builders (affiliate link) continue to build some links have just built me another 5 links for the site. The links look decent and from strong websites, with good DR. It should be really interesting to see what more links can do. I'll probably run the link-building package for at least another month with them and then reassess where we are.

If you are interested in a reliable company to help build your links do check them out – Niche Website Builders (affiliate link)

August Earnings

Even though the traffic was down in August – earnings are up!! In fact, it's been the BEST MONTH EVER! Lets take a look at the Amazon figures:

wheelalong aug earnings

This is of course Amazon.co.uk as this is a UK site. As you can see we made £84.55 which is approximately $116! This has doubled the earnings from last month.

When we take a closer look at the items sold, we can see that boosting our earnings is another powered wheelbarrow sale!

wheelalong aug earnings powered wheelbarrow

In addition to this we have a whopping £0.98 made on Adsense which is a massive $1.35😆 I'm going to switch the site over to Ezoic and see if we can increase that ad revenue. This will obviously be affected by the lower traffic figures.

wheelalong aug adsense

The Plan

Good month for revenue, not so great for traffic. Let's see what happens in September – I'm going to get more articles written and switch the site to Ezoic.

Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the site.

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