Wheelalong.co.uk December 2020 Earnings Report & Update

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Today I have an update for you on my affiliate marketing website wheelalong.co.uk, a site that I created back in July 2020. It's just about six months old. You can see a full-length video on exactly how I put the site together here. If you want to create your site, that video will help you. It covers everything you need to know to create a website just like mine.

In this update, I'm going to share with you:

  • the latest traffic numbers
  • the latest revenue and
  • all the latest work that I've been doing on the site

Traffic for December 2020- Wheelalong.co.uk

Traffic is down 10% on last month. 665 users come to the site. But on the plus side, page views are up. They're up 11%. There are 2,710 page views in December. Why is traffic down? Well, people aren't looking for wheelbarrows in December. According to Google Trends, it's the worst time of year for wheelbarrows. But actually, when I dig deeper into analytics, that's not the reason why traffic is down. In fact, traffic is down because direct traffic is down. Direct traffic tends to come from people that have watched my videos on YouTube. They see me talking about my site wheel along, and then they go and type it in Google to find it and take a look. That's down. That's the reason why I'm not too worried about that. They're not going to buy a wheelbarrow anyway. The exciting thing is that organic search is up 34%. That is far more important because those people are looking for wheelbarrows, trolleys and other wheel related things. A total of 286 users coming in from organic search, and that seems promising.

Earnings for December 2020 Wheelalong.co.uk

The site is monetized with amazon.co.uk, and it doesn't have any other amazon affiliate programs on it. We had a total of £7.57 in December, which is not a huge amount. And that's down slightly on last month, which was about £10. If I give you a sneak peek of January, I saw that January has already beaten December. We are up to £7.88, and it's only the 6th of January. That looks pretty good, and there's a couple of wheelbarrow sales in there. I'm confident that revenue in January is going to be much better. If we have a quick look at AdSense, we had a total of £1.76. Not fantastic, and I'll probably move the site over to Ezoic pretty soon. That gives the grand total in December of £12.67. Not quite enough to retire on just yet, but it's still early days with the site. I'm not too worried, and January is looking even better than December already. I think it's going to be a good month.

Link building with Stan Ventures

The final thing I want to update you on is the link building that Stan Ventures has been doing for me to the site. They've been building links to my powered wheelbarrow article, which is high-value items powered wheelbarrows. We haven't sold one yet, but the article is moving in the right direction. Stan Ventures offer guest post link building service. They add content to other people's sites with a link back to your site. I've been checking out the links that they've been building for me, and I'm pretty impressed. The sites that they've been building the links from all have a decent domain rating. The content they've been adding looks pretty good, and it seems to be having a positive effect on the site's domain rating.

Wheel Along's domain rating is pushed up to 9, which is good for a site that's as young as wheeler long is. You may wonder, has this had any effect on the rankings of that particular article. Well, the rankings are still moving around. When I checked last month, we were on page one for terms like “powered wheelbarrow”. That seems to slip down to page two. However, for terms like “best powered wheelbarrow” and “best motorized wheelbarrow”, the article is either the top of Google or the second position on the first page of Google. That was good but had traffic increased to that page?

What about traffic after link building campaign?

It's all very well getting good rankings and building links, but is there any more traffic hitting that particular article? Well, yes! If I look at analytics, we can see that traffic to that page is up 57% comparing to the last month, which is fantastic. And entrances to the page are up as well. They're up 50%, which means more people are landing on the page from places like Google. I was pretty pleased with that. We only need to sell one or two powered wheelbarrows, and we will cover the costs associated with any of that link building. Go and check out Stan Ventures because there are special offers for WP Eagle visitors. I want you to know that I've been impressed with them. It seems to have a very positive effect on the traffic and the rankings of the site.

Final words

For this month, I will add some more content I need to fill out a few of the other categories. We have lots of wheelbarrow articles. Now we need a few more articles on trolleys and sack barrows. I'm going to be working on that. Let me know in the comments how are your sites getting on. I'd love to hear from you!

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