Write a PRODUCT REVIEW article when you DON’T OWN THE PRODUCTS [Amazon Affiliate Guide]

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Innnn this video I show you how you can write a product review article when you don't actually own any of the products that you're writing about.

How to Write Product Reviews Without the Products

On the website that I recently sold for $70,000 bestroofbox.com, I had a lot of product review articles.

The site was primarily made up of the-best-product-for-this and the best-product-for-that type posts and of course, I didn't own any of those products because they were big old roof boxes that go on top of cars!

I was writing about lots of different types of cars and I haven't got 50 types of cars and 20 types of roof boxes so I had to write about all those things without actually owning the products.

I’m going to put together a very simple article of around 3 products to recommend and I’m going to use Conversion AI to help me which is an ai copywriting tool.

Let’s look at the process and break it down for you.

Find Products on Amazon

amazon product reviews without the products

Open Amazon in your browser and put in the search term of the product you’ve decided to write about. Open Word doc or similar as you’re going to take a note of the product titles and the affiliate link using SiteStripe.

Looking at all the results, we want to narrow it down to products that not only look good but also have 4 or more stars and a decent number of reviews. We’re going to use the reviews later to expand our content.

Keep an eye on the price of the products you are recommending and remember that your commission will be a % of this. Also, make sure you have a variety of product e.g, not all the same brand to give the viewer options.

  • Choose products that you would buy yourself
  • 4 or more star reviews
  • Lots of reviews
  • Check product prices
  • Choose a variety of products

Collecting Facts About the Products

Taking each product in turn, look closely at the product description and pick out the important features of the product. Remember not to copy-paste the whole lot as we need original content. Think about rephrasing the features.

Expand on Information About the Product by Reading the Reviews

Scan over the reviews and note down any significant points. To make this easier, think about what you’d want to know if you were actually about to buy this product. Make sure to include cons also but maybe word them slightly differently.

For example: ‘was a nightmare to put together’ could be ‘can be difficult to assemble.’

You’ll need about 8 or more of these points for the next part.

Let Jarvis Help

For the next part, we’re going to use Conversion AI which is an AI writing tool.

Get Conversion AI: https://wpeagle.com/conversionai (affiliate link)

  • Open up conversion ai on the ‘Product Description’ tool.
  • Copy-paste the product title
  • In the box ‘Tell us about the product’ put 3 or 4 of your product bullet points. You can separate these by pros and cons into separate batches.
  • I use the ‘friendly’ tone but you can try variants to see what results you get.
  • Ask for 3 outputs and see what it gives you.
  • Repeat step 2 and put in your second batch of bullet points.
  • Edit as needed

Remember the AI tool is exactly that – it’s a tool. It won’t be perfect so will need a human eye to make sure it’s all relevant and correct. You can always re-word your product description points to see if Jarvis gives you better results.

You can see this full process in the video of how I use Jarvis and quickly edit the outputs together to make sense. Repeat this process for all the products you’ll include in your review post.

Write an Opening Paragraph with Jarvis

writing article intro with jarvis

For the introduction of our post, we’re using ‘Blog Post Intro Paragraph’ with conversion AI. Place your post title and audience and let Jarvis do the work. Again be sure to edit and make sure it makes sense.

Write a Conclusion with Conversion AI

To help you write a conclusion Jarvis has a tool for this too – ‘Blog post conclusion paragraph’. Fill in the main parts or outline of your blog post making sure to include your keywords.

Where it asks for a ‘call to action’ just put the words ‘order a..’ before the product you are writing about.

Final Thoughts

How easy was that?!

If you are interested in giving Conversion AI a try here’s my affiliate link: https://wpeagle.com/conversionai I do get a small commission if you use this so thank you in advance to anyone who signs up using my link.

I hope you found this useful and I’d love to know how you put together articles on products when you don't actually own the products – let me know in the comments.

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