Affiliate Website INCOME REPORT FEBRUARY 2022

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Innnn this article I'll be sharing with you the latest earnings and traffic numbers for 3 of my affiliate marketing websites:

I've not done any work on these sites during February so I'll just be giving the current stats of how they are all doing. I'll also touch on the darts website I bought to flip – and how that's doing.

Let's jump on the computer and take a look!

Best Pressure Washer

I have been made an offer for this site so I'm considering it but will likely hold on to it a bit longer as it's not completely dead yet.

805 users this month which is down slightly on the previous period but then we have to take into account February being a shorter month.

Overall pretty flat. The earnings are $36.31 from Amazon. It's not on Ezoic.

I don't know – maybe I'll get some content for it, but I may just let it sit for a while as we head towards the summer and see what happens.

Wheel Along

Next up we've got and I've not done any work on this at all in February. I was speaking to an SEO specialist the other day and they mentioned that perhaps some UK links or citations would be helpful.

I wasn't familiar with the term citation before but apparently, if you have your details listed on another site it can help with rankings.

In terms of traffic, it's flat also, sort of in decline. Not looking great and if I'm honest I am completely bored of this site. I will probably just leave it unless someone wants to buy it off me.

In terms of earnings, it made £14.28 which is $18.67. That's down on last month.

Looking at Ezoic it accumulated a grand total of $3.89 in February.

That's a total of $22.56 for Wheelalong which is down on last month.

Best Corn Popper

This site is of course the demo site for our Worpress theme Popcorn and although originally made just as a demo, it's been doing quite well. It's a site I'm still interested in and want to add more content so I've ordered some keywords and some articles. Nothing was added in February.

Looking at analytics traffic is down 12.9% but 2.6K users.

2573 users to be exact, down from 2954 in the previous period. Slightly concerning is organic search is down 17%. Don't know what's happened there. Let's look at AHREFS.

By the look of it, we've lost a few keywords but nothing too serious. Backlinks are up as are referring domains so that's pretty good. You can link Google Search console to AHREFS and here's the graph from GSC:

It looks like we have had a little dip in impressions but nothing too major and it looks fairly healthy.

Looking at the earnings of Best Corn Popper, last month we did $37.85 in February. which is down slightly on the previous month.

On Ezoic we pulled in $15.86. Giving a total $53.71 on best corn popper which is up slightly on last month. So despite the traffic dip, earnings are going up. Still really happy with this site.

We'll be adding more content this month.

Dart Picks

Finally, I want to share some info on a site I picked up a few months ago for $800 and I want to flip it and sell it for 10x so $8K. We've added a lot of content in the last month and all the writing has been done by my VA and Jasper.

I've got a whole playlist on creating content with Jasper so check it out to learn how to build content with AI writing.

This site is coming together nicely with 3154 users in February which is down 11% but nothing to worry about.

We've got more referring domains, keywords are going up lots of ranking stuff happening so really pleased. In terms of earnings, it's doing really well $100.80 in February which is about the same as it did in January but of course, February is a short month. It's also doing well on Ezoic $20.89 which is about $120 for February which is pretty good.

If you value that on 25x if I sold it now I'd still be doing pretty well. However, I'm going to wait for the 10 x level. It's probably worth $4-5000 already.

I'll be doing a full video on Dart Picks progress and I'll release the entire thing as one video as a flip project.

As soon as I have sold the site that video will be uploaded.

Final Thoughts

That's all the traffic and earnings updates for all those sites for February, which is a funny month as it's so much shorter than the rest so tricky to compare but I'm confident Best Corn Popper will do better this month with more content.

How are things going with your websites? Let me know!

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