Update 3 – How long does it take to make an Amazon Affiliate Sale?!

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The Hardest Sale to Make!

A question I get asked all the time is how long does it take to make your first Amazon sale when you first start a website.

The exciting news is that that I made 6 months ago has just made its first sale! When I say the first sale, I should say the first sales as we've actually sold 2 pressure washers this month!

On my other site we got a sale within the first month so I guess it often depends on the niche. This can be problematic when you are starting out as Amazon affiliates program only give you 3 months to make your first 3 sales.

This is not a complete disaster of course and you can just reapply. But remember to ALWAYS use the long links from Amazon. If you need to reapply, your links will all be different and they are much easier to change if you use the long links.

use long links on amazon


Let's jump in and take a look at the traffic stats on Google Analytics.

traffic for best pressure washer

The site is continuing to grow and is up 20% on last month with 673 users, which is small numbers but any growth is good growth.

Organic traffic has more impressive improvements with an increase of 49% on last month and a total of 249 users coming from organic search.

google search console

In Google Search Console the numbers are also pretty exciting as we got over 13,000 impressions. Clicks are also up from last month, 188 to 261 this month! So everything is moving in the right direction.



Taking a quick look at AHrefs, we've got 146 keywords now ranking on Google – there may be more than that, but that's how many AHrefs has detected.

pg 1 of google

We've actually got 1 keyword that's hit page 1 of Google so that's all going really well.


I've been pretty busy on the site adding content to the site. We've now got 38 articles published – added 12 in August. Most of them were published at the very end of August so we've yet to see the effect of that new content yet.


By far the hardest sales to make with Amazon are the first ones. Once you've broken through hat wall and sold an item related to your niche,m,m it's a big moment.

amazon sales

As you can see, we did indeed sell 6 items! And 2 of them were pressure washers which are fairly high value. If we look at the items that were purchased is that most of them are pressure washer related which is just what we want.

My stats can sometimes get muddied from my Youtube traffic checking out my sites, but this month is certainly pressure washer-related sales, which is terrific!

So, a grand total of $9.20 earnings, which of course is not a huge amount but it's a glimmer of hope and it shows the site is starting to work…all sites have to start somewhere.


For this month I've actually paid a guy on Fiverr who contacted me through my channel and said he does some fantastic keyword research….so I'm going to test him out! Then we'll get that content written and published in September.

Final Words

I'd love to know how your websites are doing – leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.

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