How to make an Amazon Affiliate Store

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Learn how to MAKE AN AFFILIATE ECOMMERCE STORE website using WordPress in this full-length, step-by-step tutorial.

In this video I take you through everything you need including hosting, WordPress, becoming and Amazon Affiliate, Blog Content, Adding products and so much more.

Check out the site I make in the video here:

Things You’ll Need

  • A Domain name. You can register one at Siteground when you get your hosting or use an existing one you already own
  • Website Hosting – Get some SUPER FAST, GREAT VALUE hosting with site ground here
  • Woozone Plugin to import your products from Amazon.
  • Astra WordPress theme to give your site the great look and feel.

To speed up the creation of your site you can download my ELEMENTOR TEMPLATES right here:

Download Elementor Templates

For help on how to use the templates watch this video.

Other things mentioned in this tutorial video:

Here’s that bit of code to increase your PHP memory limit

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M' );

and here’s the Woocommerce shortcode I use on the homepage:

[products limit="6" columns="6" category="fun-swimming-pool-signs"]

Just replace the category bit with the slug of the product category you want to show. You can find the slugs in the category section under products..

Video Timings

  • How much you need to spend: 00:02:43
  • How much can you earn from an Amazon Affiliate Website: 00:04:21
  • Step 1 – Setting up Your Hosting: 00:05:52
  • Repointing an exciting domain to your new hosting: 00:12:51
  • Installing an SSL certificate on your hosting: 00:15:10 
  • Step 2 – WordPress Settings and installing the WP Astrra= -theme: 00:16:08
  • WordPress General Settings: 00:17:41
  • Switching your site over to use your SSL certificate: 00:18:27
  • Setting the correct permalink structure: 00:19:12
  • Removing unwanted plugins: 00:19:47
  • Running the Woocommerce setup wizard: 00:20:51
  • Installing Astra WP theme: 00:22:52
  • Step 3 – Adding the Astra WP -starter site template: 00:24:14
  • Installing the Elementor Plugin: 00:24:24
  • Adding the Astra WP starter sites: 00:25:08
  • Step 4 – Sign-up as an Amazon Associate (Affiliate):  00:26:59
  • Step 5 – Installing the Woozone (Wzone) plugin: 00:30:03
  • Adding the Woozone item Purchase code: 00:32:02
  • Woozone config wizard: 00:32:32
  • Configuring Amazon Affiliate Tracking IDs: 00:33:59
  • Increasing the PHP memory limit from 40mb: 00:36:26
  • Importing our first products from Amazon : 00:38:28
  • Adding Product categories to the menu: 00:44:55
  • Step 6 – Customising the design of the site : 00:47:14
  • Adding your own logo: 00:47:21
  • Changing the product page header: 00:50:31
  • Editing the home page: 00:51:31
  • Changing the big image at the top : 00:51:46
  • working with text and buttons: 00:53:23
  • changing the 3 category images in the homepage: 00:54:50
  • working with the featured products area : 00:59:54
  • editing the feature icon boxes on the homepage: 01:05:45
  • Step 7 – Adding a blog to your WordPress website: 01:08:38
  • Adding a blog post: 01:09:56
  • coming up with ideas for content: 01:22:52
  • Adding latest posts to homepage: 01:23:52
  • Step 8 – Setting up the footer and adding more pages: 01:31:47
  • Creating more pages (Privacy etc) : 01:32:10
  • Creating a menu for the footer links: 01:34:01
  • Adding an affiliate disclaimer to the footer: 01:35:17
  • adding recent products to the footer: 01:37:04
  • adding recent posts to the footer: 01:38:22
  • Creating legal copy for your Privacy & Cookie Policy: 01:38:57
  • Adding a cookie acceptance pop-up: 01:43:58
  • Editing the About us and contact us pages: 01:47:41
  • Configuring the contact us form: 01:53:05
  • Adding the icons from the homepage as a template to other pages: 00:01:55:24
  • Step 9 – Google Analytics, Sitemaps and Google Search Console
  • signing up for Google Analytics: 01:58:06
  • Installing and configuring Google Analytics on WordPress using a plugin: 01:59:01
  • adding sitemaps to the website: 02:01:20
  • adding a sitemap page: 02:01:30
  • Removing duplicate pages: 02:04:16
  • adding an XML Sitemap: 02:05:45
  • submitting the sitemap to Google Search Console: 02:08:18

Leave your site in the comments. Would love to check it out!

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  1. Hi there,

    Your tutorial is really helpful!
    Is it in compliance with Amazon terms to download product images and use them in websites? Wzone directly downloads images, right?


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