How to make an Amazon Affiliate Store

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Learn how to MAKE AN AFFILIATE ECOMMERCE STORE website using WordPress in this full-length, step-by-step tutorial.

In this video I take you through everything you need including hosting, WordPress, becoming and Amazon Affiliate, Blog Content, Adding products and so much more.

Check out the site I make in the video here:

Things You'll Need

  • A Domain name. You can register one at Siteground when you get your hosting or use an existing one you already own
  • Website Hosting – Get some SUPER FAST, GREAT VALUE hosting with site ground here
  • Woozone Plugin to import your products from Amazon.
  • Astra WordPress theme to give your site the great look and feel.

To speed up the creation of your site you can download my ELEMENTOR TEMPLATES right here:

Download Elementor Templates

For help on how to use the templates watch this video.

Other things mentioned in this tutorial video:

Here's that bit of code to increase your PHP memory limit

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M' );

and here's the Woocommerce shortcode I use on the homepage:

[products limit="6" columns="6" category="fun-swimming-pool-signs"]

Just replace the category bit with the slug of the product category you want to show. You can find the slugs in the category section under products..

Video Timings

  • How much you need to spend: 00:02:43
  • How much can you earn from an Amazon Affiliate Website: 00:04:21
  • Step 1 – Setting up Your Hosting: 00:05:52
  • Repointing an exciting domain to your new hosting: 00:12:51
  • Installing an SSL certificate on your hosting: 00:15:10 
  • Step 2 – WordPress Settings and installing the WP Astrra= -theme: 00:16:08
  • WordPress General Settings: 00:17:41
  • Switching your site over to use your SSL certificate: 00:18:27
  • Setting the correct permalink structure: 00:19:12
  • Removing unwanted plugins: 00:19:47
  • Running the Woocommerce setup wizard: 00:20:51
  • Installing Astra WP theme: 00:22:52
  • Step 3 – Adding the Astra WP -starter site template: 00:24:14
  • Installing the Elementor Plugin: 00:24:24
  • Adding the Astra WP starter sites: 00:25:08
  • Step 4 – Sign-up as an Amazon Associate (Affiliate):  00:26:59
  • Step 5 – Installing the Woozone (Wzone) plugin: 00:30:03
  • Adding the Woozone item Purchase code: 00:32:02
  • Woozone config wizard: 00:32:32
  • Configuring Amazon Affiliate Tracking IDs: 00:33:59
  • Increasing the PHP memory limit from 40mb: 00:36:26
  • Importing our first products from Amazon : 00:38:28
  • Adding Product categories to the menu: 00:44:55
  • Step 6 – Customising the design of the site : 00:47:14
  • Adding your own logo: 00:47:21
  • Changing the product page header: 00:50:31
  • Editing the home page: 00:51:31
  • Changing the big image at the top : 00:51:46
  • working with text and buttons: 00:53:23
  • changing the 3 category images in the homepage: 00:54:50
  • working with the featured products area : 00:59:54
  • editing the feature icon boxes on the homepage: 01:05:45
  • Step 7 – Adding a blog to your WordPress website: 01:08:38
  • Adding a blog post: 01:09:56
  • coming up with ideas for content: 01:22:52
  • Adding latest posts to homepage: 01:23:52
  • Step 8 – Setting up the footer and adding more pages: 01:31:47
  • Creating more pages (Privacy etc) : 01:32:10
  • Creating a menu for the footer links: 01:34:01
  • Adding an affiliate disclaimer to the footer: 01:35:17
  • adding recent products to the footer: 01:37:04
  • adding recent posts to the footer: 01:38:22
  • Creating legal copy for your Privacy & Cookie Policy: 01:38:57
  • Adding a cookie acceptance pop-up: 01:43:58
  • Editing the About us and contact us pages: 01:47:41
  • Configuring the contact us form: 01:53:05
  • Adding the icons from the homepage as a template to other pages: 00:01:55:24
  • Step 9 – Google Analytics, Sitemaps and Google Search Console
  • signing up for Google Analytics: 01:58:06
  • Installing and configuring Google Analytics on WordPress using a plugin: 01:59:01
  • adding sitemaps to the website: 02:01:20
  • adding a sitemap page: 02:01:30
  • Removing duplicate pages: 02:04:16
  • adding an XML Sitemap: 02:05:45
  • submitting the sitemap to Google Search Console: 02:08:18

Leave your site in the comments. Would love to check it out!

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  1. Hi there,

    Your tutorial is really helpful!
    Is it in compliance with Amazon terms to download product images and use them in websites? Wzone directly downloads images, right?


  2. I just finished a site using this turtorial. SwimSigns.Com is currently popping up as a high risk website and I get a warning when I try to go to it. Near the end of your video after you submitted the sitemap there was a “security alert” that you didn’t know what it was. Have you figured out yet why is being flagged as a malicious site? Was it something downloaded during the tutorial? I don’t want to submit my site to google if it is going to get similarly flagged.

    I absolutely LOVED this tutorial though and my website looks great! I’m having a lot of fun watching your videos and learning more about WP and affiliate marketing. Shoot me an email if you have any questions about my concerns.


    1. Author


      I’m not sure what the security alert is about. Google has now cleared the warning so hopefully will be ok going forward.

      I’m glad you like the video. Good luck with your site šŸ™‚


  3. Hi Alex,

    I followed this tutorial and set up a furniture and decor Amazon affiliate site with a blog. I was wondering if it were possible to keep the WZone inport, but have it take them directly to Amazon instead of cart and checkout pages on my site?

    I think reducing the click might help me convert better, but not sure how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.


  4. Hey Alex

    very easy to understand videos, nicely done
    i have a dilemma thou i started a making a amazon affiliate site after your 2018 video and there you are using kingdom theme but after a while i did see you have a new 2019 video and you are using a free theme Astra , so if i my hosting is at host gator should i follow the 2018 advise and choose kingdom or should i choose a free theme ( Astra )?

  5. What theme do you use? I saw a video and I can’t seem to find it.

  6. who do you recommend for writing artticles do you have a service for that

  7. Hello! Iā€™m setting up a storefront for my podcast network. I want to offer both swag (t-shirts, mugs, etc.) through Printful as well as books and podcasting equipment through Amazon. Do you know if those two plug-ins (Printful & WZone) play nicely together in the same store? (Edited to remove the spelling error on t-shirts).

  8. Hi Alex, Nice tutorial. Well done.

    I have a question regarding amazon reviews. It seems like WZone is not importing the amazon reviews on to my website.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  9. Really good video. I have one question however about the footer. On your video at 1.07:23 the footer reads quick links, and as soon as you have created the blog at 1.09:13 it now reads footer 1. Is there some sort of short code needs to go in there to make that change that was missed out on the video. Thanks

  10. Very nice tutorial, helped a lot!!! I just wonder how did you put de Additional Information tab in the product information, I can’t find it. Tks ins advance!

  11. Just found it, nevermind! Tks anyway! Once again, nice tutorial, God bless your existence on Earth!

  12. Hi I hope your day is going well. I’m having issue with my current wordpress store and plugging Woozone.
    I’m new to amazon affiliate program/ associate so I don’t have an API key. By default woozone pluggin set is

    USE new api 5.0 14 January

    and I’m having error when I search items with ASIN codes. Please see message log

    Loading products by Searching…
    ā€” Search Products operation: try to retrieve results.
    Search Parameters: provider=Amazon, Keyword=B08B69DN3Z, Category=AllCategories, NbPages=1, MerchantId=All
    ā€” Search results – try to retrieve from amazon
    ā€” Page 1.
    Invalid amazon response ( 1 – Amazon API v5:
    http status code = 401
    http msg = [401] Client error: `POST` resulted in a `401 Unauthorized` response: {“__type”:””,”Errors”:[{“Code”:”UnrecognizedClient”,”Message”:”The Access K (truncated…)
    http x-amzn-RequestId = 87b06492-5e4e-4cdd-b198-d17b53777224
    errcode = UnrecognizedClient
    errmsg = The Access Key ID or security token included in the request is invalid. ) – [ 676 ms ]
    ā€” Search results could not be wrote in cache file! – [ 0 ms ]
    Unsuccessfull operation! – [ 737 ms ]



  13. I Loved your website, sir.

    Its a privilege to see such a beautiful website. I always watch your videos and always make sure that I like, comment and share on my FB and Twitter account.

    thanks a lot

  14. I followed this completely and OMG it was so easy! I didn’t need the full tutorial, so I did skip around. I also noticed that you don’t share how to add that elementor alert (I only know that’s what it’s called because I inspected element of your page sample provided in the tutorial. Anyways, I submitted a contact form and ended up doing what I’ve always done – just edited the PHP file for the Single Product PHP page to insert the required affiliate disclosure to show before every single product or affiliate link on my new site. Thanks so much for this tutorial! It truly inspired me to feel more confident branching out from just blogging, and ghostwriting/freelance writing! This is going to be an amazing new income stream for me, I am grateful truly for your tutorial (and hopefully you did get commissions/$$ for me using your Wzone link when I purchased it the other day).

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