How to start an Affiliate Marketing Website [FULL GUIDE]

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Get started in Affiliate Marketing today with my complete guide. Based on my own affiliate marketing experiences I share with you everything you need to know, from choosing a niche through to launching a complete WordPress powered Affiliate Marketing website.

To make the process quick and easier i'll be giving you a free copy of my affiliate marketing template site, based on one of my existing successful sites.

In this tutorial video you'll learn:

  • What affiliate marketing is and how it works
  • What's involved with running an affiliate marketing business
  • How much money you can make
  • How to find a niche for your affiliate marketing website
  • How to create your website with WordPress, in detail
  • How to research and create content
  • How to add content to your website
  • How to add Google Adsense to your website
  • and more!

Check out the site I create in the video:

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To make it easy for you get started quickly I'll send you everything you need, for free including…

  • Complete website template ready to go. Easy to install by following the video
  • Niche Finder spreadsheet – helps you find a good niche, quickly and easily
  • Article planning spreadsheet
  • Links to the other essential resources mentioned in the video

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Essential Info & Resources

  • Logo size (high res): 500px x 243px
  • Logo size (low res): 250px x 122px
  • Featured image size: 1050px x 501px

Here's the code to centre the Sitestripe images in the product tables

<p style=“text-align:center;”>SITESTRIPE CODE</p>

Things mentioned in the video

Video Timings

  • INTRO 00:00:01
    • How much can an affiliate marketing website earn: 00:01:41
    • What Affiliate Marketing actually is and how it works: 00:04:39
    • How much it costs to set the website up: 00:08:07
  • STEP 1 – Researching niches and content: 00:11:49
    • Ordering content from writers: 00:26:09
  • STEP 2 Registering a domain name: 00:31:05
  • STEP 3 – Setting up website hosting: 00:37:23 
    • Installing WordPress onto our new hosting: 00:42:30
    • Setting Siteground as your DNS on your domain: 00:43:45
  • STEP 4 – Installing my affiliate website template: 00:46:16
    • Changing the username and password on WordPress: 00:51:41
    • Changing the name of the website in WordPress: 00:53:54
    • Licensing the plugins (optional): 00:54:39
    • Fixing the “not secure” error (if you have it): 00:59:11
  • STEP 5 – Changing the look and feel of your website 01:01:01
    • Creating a logo for your site: 01:01:06
    • Adding your logo to the website: 01:08:58
    • Creating and adding a site icon (favicon): 01:09:55
    • Editing the homepage: 01:11:37
    • Homepage SEO: – 01:25:09
    • Editing other pages (Privacy policy, About us etc) – 01:30:11
    • Editing the menu navigation (header and footer) : 01:33:10
    • Editing the text in the footer widget: 01:34:10
    • Editing the contact us page: 01:35:34
  • STEP 6 – Adding content to your website: 01:37:46
    • Signing up as an AMAZON AFFILIATE (Associate): 01:37:47
    • Preparing our content for publishing (getting images etc): 01:46:01
    • Creating a Pinterest PIN for your content: 01:41:41
    • Editing the article template I provide: 01:51:14
    • Changing the featured images, categories, tags and URL: 01:51:15
    • Adding the text from Word: 01:52:58
    • Adding a Pinterest graphic to the article: 01:53:56
    • Adding headings: 01:55:09
    • Adding affiliate links: 01:56:28
    • Product comparison tables: 02:02:08
    • What the “swipe finger” image is for: 02:09:34
    • Editing the “in a hurry?” Box: 02:10:07
    • Adding images within the text: 02:13:54
    • Adding the product info text and images: 02:15:23
    • Adding YouTube videos to your content: 02:17:13
    • Adding your affiliate links to the buttons: 02:19:39
    • How to make copy of existing articles (easy way to add new content): 02:23:26 
    • How to add articles to the “popular articles” section in the sidebar: 02:24:31
    • How to delete a post: 02:25:24
  • Step 7 – Making your website LIVE!: 02:26:33
    • How to turn off maintenance mode: 02:26:39
    • Adding Google Analytics to your site to track your visitors: 02:27:19
    • Submitting your website to Google using Google Search Console (Webmaster console): 02:31:08
    • Editing website categories: 02:34:48
    • Adding Google Adsense to your website: 02:35:51
    • Ongoing work on your website: 02:39:18

Good luck with your site! I would love to see your creations. Leave your URLs in the comments or email me at [email protected].

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I sigend up with your mailchimp, but didnt receive:

    Complete website template ready to go. Easy to install by following the video
    Niche Finder spreadsheet – helps you find a good niche, quickly and easily
    Article planning spreadsheet
    Links to the other essential resources mentioned in the video

      1. I have subscribed for the email list that you asked to do in your video before the free goodies will be sent to us. but unfortunately, I did not receive anything in the email that you send to me.

  2. This blog explains in detail how to start affiliate marketing. I really like your blog. Thank you so much for this informative blog.

  3. I followed the vedio but below comment area on my website askimet is showing (askimet remove spam ) & its link + at base of footer area webpage showing Base WP designed by Iografica Themes. Please help me remove both of them

    1. Author

      Hi – I think you can turn off the akismet link in the akismet setting. To get rid of the base WP link you need to buy the premium version of the theme.

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