How to make an Amazon Affiliate Website with WordPress & Woozone 2018

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Important Info
A newer version of this tutorial is now available. Watch it here.

Learn how to make an Amazon Affiliate Website with WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone in this full length, easy to follow video tutorial. In the video I take you through everything you need to know including how to setup your hosting, installing WordPress, adding Amazon products to your site, blog content and Google Analytics.

Check out the site that I make in the video at

Things you'll need

In order to setup the site there are a few things you're going to need

  • Domain Name – (Price varys) I recommend Godaddy for domain names.
  • Website hosting – (Approx $65 for the year) I recommend hostgator. If you use the voucher code EAGLE30 you'll get a great discount.
  • Kingdom WordPress Theme – $39 The premium theme that gives the website it's look and feel.
  • Woozone (Wzone) – $43 The premium plugin that does all of the Amazon affiliate stuff.

Important Links

In the video tutorial I mention and recommend a number of different resources online. Here's the links to those resources

CSS Code snippets

In this video tutorial we make a few styling changes using a bit of custom CSS. You'll find the code below. Simply copy and paste it into your “Additional CSS” section within Appearence -> Customize

Adjust the bullet point font size

li {<br>font-size: 18px;<br>}

Adjust the blog post featured image height

.kd_post_details a.prettyPhoto {<br>height: 600px;<br>}

Make the menu look better

.navigationbar .kd_main_menu li {<br>padding: 25px 0 7px;<br>}

Change the blog post title font

.kd_simple_post_description h2 a {<br>font-family: 'Luckiest Guy';<br>}

Make the footer looker better

.kd_footer_column .menu li a {<br>padding: 0px 0 0px;<br>font-size: 18px;<br>}<br>.kd_footer_column .menu li {<br>background-image: none;<br>border-bottom: none;<br>list-style: none outside none;<br>}<br>.kingdom-widget ul li {<br>padding: 0 0 0px;<br>}<br>.kingdom-widget ul li a {<br>text-overflow: ellipsis !important;<br>overflow: hidden;<br>white-space: nowrap;<br>}<br>.row.kd_footercolumns {<br>background-color: #f4f4f4;<br>padding: 5px;<br>}

Video Timings

Quickly jump to the section of the video you need by using the timings below.

Introduction 00:00:01

    • How much can you expect to earn? 00:02:49
  • What you need and how much it costs 00:04:32

Step 1 – Get a domain name 00:07:27 

Step 2 – Get your website hosting 00:10:42

Step 3 – Repointing your domain name 00:18:38

  • Redirecting other domains 00:22:05

Step 4 – Installing WordPress 00:24:04

  • Removing unwanted WordPress plugins 00:28:10

Step 5 – Installing the Kingdom WordPress Theme 00:30:58

    • Installing the recommended theme plugins 00:34:47
    • Completing the Woocommerce setup wizard 00:36:20
  • Installing the Kingdom child theme 00:38:48

Step 6 – Installing the Woozone Amazon Affiliate Plugin 00:39:57

  • Completing the Woozone setup wizard 00:44:05

Step 7 – Applying to become an Amazon Associate 00:47:13

    • Adding you Amazon API Access keys 00:51:03
    • How to increase your server PHP memory limit 00:54:48
  • Fixing the illegal string offset error by changing the server PHP version 00:56:44

Step 8 – Adding products from Amazon 00:58:35

    • Adding products with the Woozone Google Chrome browser extension 01:00:27
    • Adding product categories 01:02:22
    • Adding product categories to the main website menu 01:05:45
    • Adding products using the insane import mode 01:13:54
  • Editing product categories and the menu 01:18:27

Step 9 – Adding content to the blog – 01:20:37

    • Adjusting the website permalinks – 01:20:40
    • Adding articles to the blog – 01:22:09
    • Adding product images to your content from Amazon – 01:30:49
    • Adjusting the size of bullet points using custom CSS – 01:37:37
    • Adjusting the size of the featured images using custom CSS – 01:41:52
    • Creating a blog page for all your content – 01:42:36
  • How to delete and edit existing posts, pages and products – 01:44:43

Step 10 – Styling the website – 01:46:25

    • Adding a logo 01:46:27
    • Adjusting the theme colours – 01:48:12
    • Adjusting the spacing on the main menu – 01:50:16
    • Adjusting the website fonts – 01:52:08
    • Adjusting the top bar – 01:55:54
    • Setting up your social media profile links – 01:56:23
    • Customising the shop layout – 01:56:57
    • Blog style options – 01:57:52
  • Footer style options – 01:58:05

Step 11 – Setting up the homepage – 01:59:51

    • Creating a slider for the homepage – 02:00:58
    • Adding your products to the homepage – 02:08:30
    • Adding a blog post grid to the homepage – 02:12:23
  • Using WP Bakery Page Builder to edit in the backend – 02:14:17

Step 12 – Adding page – 02:17:58

    • How to add a form to the contact us page – 02:19:30
  • Adding a top bar menu – 02:20:52

Step 13 – Creating a footer area –  02:21:58

    • Adding the Amazon associate disclaimer – 02:22:31
    • Adding a menu to the footer – 02:24:34
    • Adding Woocommerce products and categories – 02:24:53
  • Making the footer look better with a bit of custom CSS – 02:27:08

Step 14 – Installing Google Analytics – 02:29:12

Step 15 – XML Sitemaps and Google webmaster console

    • Removing the annoying shipping message by turning shipping off – 02:32:30
    • Installing the Yoast SEO plugin – 02:33:12
    • Changing the website tagline – 02:34:04
    • Adding a site icon / Favicon – 02:34:25
    • Selecting which content you want in your XML Sitemap – 02:35:50
    • Viewing the sitemap – 02:38:30
    • Submitting the XML sitemap to Google webmaster console – 02:38:53
    • Verify site ownership in Google webmaster console – 02:39:35
    • Adding the sitemap – 02:40:21
  • Overview of Post/Page/Product SEO – 02:41:15

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  1. Can you use Woozone to checkout on the Amazaon App if they have it installed?

  2. Hi i’m new to this field(for Affiliate, for wordpress.. for everything).
    I saw your video, “How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2018 with WordPress Woocommerce and Woozone (Wzone)”.
    Thank you for the great video.
    I think i made a mistake while buying a server, i.e. instead of taking US server, i took India server. So is i am going to face any problem while building website, by seeing your video.
    Please reply… Thank you

  3. Hi Friend, my WooZone Dashboard is not loading… please help me

    Thank you

  4. hi, im about to make my first amazon affiliate website
    do you recomend use storefront or kingston i can not move foward because i dont know what to choose

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for posting your video. I clicked your Wzone affiliated link. Hope that works.

    I am not use the Kingdom theme, so I hope this does not create issues with Wzone. I noticed after setting up WooCommerce and Wzone that I had some error messages in WordPress:
    1) You need to install default WooCommerce page: Cart Page.
    2) You need to install default WooCommerce page: Checkout Page.

    Do you address these pages. I was looking though your video, but did not see them. I did notice in your demo site that you are using a cart, but not a checkout, which makes since given the affiliate angle. Can you tell me where you talk about these pages in your video (if you do). Or, how to best address these types of errors for building an affiliate site (if you did not address this in your video).

    Also, while I know you are not part of Wzone, you do seem to have contact with them. They mentioned two things in their sales material that you might know something about. Do you know anything about the following two Wzone claims:

    Hi. Can you tell me more about 2 things:

    (1) You state in your sales material:
    Wzone claim: “You can have Amazon Products and Simple Woocommerce Products on the Store in the Same Time (we’ve made a special verification and the products don’t conflict into the Cart Checkout Page)”
    >> What does this mean? How does this work? Do you have a site demonstrating a UX for having both affiliate links and your own products on your site? I am trying to envision the checkout experience.

    (2) Wzone claim: “Make Amazon into your dropshipper.”
    >> How does this work? How does this differ than being their affiliate?

    Thanks again for making your video.

    Ps. the site URL listed below takes you to the current blog site my wife setup on Wix. I am moving it over to WP still.

  6. When I made the blog and post

    Under the read more under my post won’t work you click it but it dose nothing. Plz help me stuck at this process.

  7. Hi Alex, I’m having trouble with the plugins for the kingdom theme, I cannot import the visual composer and revolution slider plugins . the same problem occurred with woocommerce ( I get either an
    ” unpacking ” message which goes nowhere or a 500 internal server error) but i downloaded woocommerce from and installed it by uploading the .zip file to my file manager plugins file, however I cant seem to find a .zip file for the two missing plugins without buying and downloading them from themeforest, and to be honest I cant even find those exact plugins . I am using plesk via go daddy if that makes any difference, I have tried firefox and IE browsers, and deactivating the other plugins ,but it dosn’t make any difference. I hope you can help as Im a bit of an amateur at this. love your vids, keep up the good work

    1. Author

      I think Godaddy hosting is probably your problem. I would get yourself some better hosting. In the meantime if you extract Kingdom then go into the version number folder then theme -> Theme Unzipped -> Kingdom -> Plugins you’ll find the plugin ZIP files that you can manually install.

  8. Hi Alex, I have done everything in the video so far, but I am stuck on the “Fixing the illegal string offset error by changing the server PHP version 00:56:44” because changing the PHP version in the PHP Selector is not fixing the illegal string like it did in your video. What do I do to fix this problem?

  9. Hello
    If I don’t have Amazon access keys as I am new to the affiliate program what should I do again? Leave them blank?

  10. Cracking video – literally just what I was looking for for my niche store. I bought everything through your links…

    However, my images don’t import and it says I need a “multi image importer”…. for another $20

    Do you know if this is now the case?

    Thank you very much.

  11. Alex, thank you for everything you do. I have followed all your tutorials, and I am a proud owner of two websites now. I continue to use your tutorials to improve my own skills. Recently, I have attempted to reduce the size of my navigation menu using the following code:

    .navigationbar .kd_main_menu li {padding: 25px 0 7px;}

    However, WordPress Custom CSS gives me an error if i try to publish. The error is as follows:

    Expected RBRACE at line 18, Col 34.
    Expected RBRACE at line 19, Col 60.

    I am not sure how to fix this. I was hoping you could shed a little light on this?

    Thank you!

  12. Hi Alex

    I am having problem with my main product images, they are too big for the square, so as you scroll through you get part of the previous image.

    I feel that the images should be rezised when they are uploaded to fit the square but they are not.

    Can you help?

    Many thanks


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