Make an Affiliate Marketing Website LIVE

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Make your own Affiliate Marketing Website too!

For the first time ever I attempt to create an affiliate marketing website on my LIVE stream.

To get hold of the website backup/template I use to create the site simply fill in the form below and I'll send you a link.

You'll need hostiing
Be sure to get some hosting before you start. I recommend Siteground or Spidrweb.

Get the WEBSITE TEMPLATE I use to create my site

Just pop your details in the form below

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  1. Yo Alex.

    Take a look at your email sequence. Registered for the files through your above form. Got two emails – Please Confirm and Subscription Confirmed. Email that contains the download link to the files did not arrive.

  2. Hi Alex,
    Thanks a lot for this sharing. Unfortunately after uploading the backup file to the WPvivid Backup Plugin It get stuck for a while on 100% and then I get this message: Upload file failed. file name:, error: PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure.
    I did try to download it 3 times already from your link and upload the .zip with the same result.
    Can you maybe help somehow?

  3. Hi Alex, thanks very much for sharing your backup, unfortunately I’m getting similar to Ofer’s problem above. I’ve tried 3 times uploading with WPvivid and though it gets to 100%, no restoration file appears in backups (it’s just blank) but unlike Ofer, I don’t even get an error. I’m uploading to a fresh WordPress installation by the way. When you get a minute, is there any chance you could email me a link to another backup so I can try again please?

    Many thanks

  4. Hi Alex, just to let you know that I solved the issue above and it may help other users. Turns out it was because I hadn’t installed Elementor first. I’ve instlled the Pro version too so sorry I can’t tell if it just affects having the free or Pro version but at least it will give people a clue!


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