How to make a Price Comparison Affiliate Marketing Website

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Important Info
A newer version of this tutorial is now available. Watch it here.

In this full length tutorial I take you through creating an Affiliate Marketing Price Comparison website using WordPress, Re:HUB Theme and Content Egg. Check out the site I make here.

In this tutorial I cover everything you need to know from start to finish. Even if you're an affiliate marketing beginner and you've never made a WordPress website before you'll be able to by following this video.

Things you'll need

Video timings

Setting up your website hosting: 00:04:29
Configuring (re-pointing) an existing domain name you own by updating the name servers: 00:13:56
Logging in to your hosting and installing WordPress: 00:17:34
Logging in to WordPress: 00:20:49
Changing your WordPress user password: 00:22:31
How to update WordPress: 00:23:00
Downloading and installing the RE:HUB premium theme: 00:24:20
Registering RE:HUB: 00:28:28
Installing the demo content: 00:29:17
Installing CONTENT EGG premium WordPress plugin: 00:39:24
Configuring Content Egg so it connects to merchants and affiliate networks: 00:43:21
Setting up Amazon Affiliate: 00:47:39
Setting up EBAY Affiliate: 00:54:38
Setting up VIGLINK: 00:58:15
Registering Content Egg: 01:01:35
Get your images and logos together: 01:03:13
Adding your Logo: 01:05:24
Editing the homepage: 01:07:37
Adding product price comparison posts to the site: 01:31:05
Restoring a post if you make a mistake: 01:44:49
Adding a YouTube video to your content: 01:49:27
Working with post categories: 02:03:45
Editing the website menus: 02:05:51
Adding a filter sidebar: 02:08:30
Enable product comparison feature: 02:12:48
Adding content to your blog: 02:16:51
Removing blog posts from the homepage product section: 02:20:12
Adjusting the trending widget so it doesn’t show blog posts: 02:21:20
Remove “add to compare” button from Blog posts: 02:23:30
Adding recent blog posts to the homepage: 02:25:07
adding static pages like “about us” & “contact us”: 02:29:26
Editing the footer and adding links etc: 02:33:21
Adding social media links: 02:35:38
Changing the footer copyright message: 02:37:27
Adding Google Analytics to your site: 02:39:05
removing unused plugins before launch: 02:42:02

Share your finished sites in the comments.

Good luck!

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  1. when i import the demo stack of ( Rehub main ) using all in one wp migrator plug in … nothing restores at all… everything remains the same .. and im not getting error message during the import … i have contacted the host and they seems like helpless to understand the issue . seems like its a problem with the uploaded demo stack wpress file . can you please help me on this issue …

  2. Since the affiliate window API has been deprecated, how do you use it within your site? I am connected to lots of retailers on this platform, but seems it cannot be used with content egg??

  3. websopp is create fully complete price comparison website very cheap price with free one year cloud hosting

  4. Can you not create a new video tutorial using the ReHub Theme with the Child Theme Rewise. I’m in the process of creating an affiliate website with that theme but finding it so difficult.

  5. Hi Alex, I’m looking at creating a (wordpress) price comparison website for 2-3 different products only. I’ve watched this video from 2017 which had features consistent with what I was after (I’m looking at affiliate links to retailers via skimlinks/viglink and also separately Amazon and eBay). Contentegg pro seems to fit the bill from what I’ve seen but I’ve seen your content about the difficulty obtaining API keys for Amazon these days. I’m not sure what would be the best way to combine prices from Amazon and other retailers in one page now. Any insight would be amazing! Thanks 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi – i’ve not done any work on one of these kind of sites for a while so I can’t really help. It is harder to get keys, but it’s still achievable. Good luck with your site.

  6. Hi, Alex.

    Would be great to see an updated version of this video, if you have the time. Especially any clever techniques to work around the extra scrutiny affiliates may have today than in 2017


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