Income + Traffic Report – October 2021

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I've got an update for you on my affiliate marketing website – Best Corn It's a site I created back in July 2021 – I created it just to show off Popcorn theme which is a super-fast WordPress theme that I created alongside Phil and Carl.

I never thought it would turn into a proper affiliate marketing website but pretty quickly it started getting traffic and even sales so we went with it!

Here's the Youtube playlist if you want to follow along with the development of this site.

Work on Site

In October I haven't done any work on the site at all except for updating the theme as we had a big update for Popcorn theme this month.


Despite no additional content being added, the site is growing!

Traffic is up 21% on last month and Google analytics is telling us that we've had 1300 visitors this month.

As this was primarily used as a demo site, organic traffic was low but this month it's up 135%! Great news!

A quick check of Ahrefs and we can see that we've gained 515 organic keywords that we're ranking for and we're starting to rank for lots of popcorn-related keywords.


Amazon earnings were small – $1.62 and this may be because most popcorn products are low value so we'll have to get some serious volume to make any money from Amazon.

Looking at Ezoic however, we're already outperforming Amazon here with earnings of $10.60 last month!

This is a great way of monetizing all the traffic the site gets regardless of it being popcorn-related and we can still make some money off the ads.

In Summary

Total earnings for the month are $12.22 and traffic continues to grow so really pleased with the progress.

To follow on with all the Best Corn Popper development make sure you are subbed to my Youtube Channel – WP Eagle.

How are you getting on with your sites? Let me know!

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