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I have an update for you on Best Pressure Washer – a site I created in February 2021. I've been documenting my progress and this includes the site build – so if you'd like to see everything you can find it here on this playlist.

Content Added in October

We've added a total of 11 new articles to the site in October and these were written by Textun (not an affiliate link, they are just one of my favourite writing agencies)

The keywords these articles are based on are from a guy who approached me on fiverr so we'll see how we get on and I'll report back to you on that when I know more.


As far as traffic goes, it's looking about the same as last month however, organic traffic is up 21% which is really encouraging.

We're ranking for 704 keywords now which is excellent and I'm pleased with the progress considering we've not built any links to this site.


Great news too on the earnings as they are up from last month too with $30.87 from Amazon. Taking a look at the products people are buying the gutter cleaning attachments are selling well – I guess it's that time of year! Looks like the gutter cleaning article was worth it!

In Summary

I'm really pleased with the progress on Best Pressure Washer and despite having a page builder (Thrive) which does make it look nice, it does perhaps make it a little slow in terms of page speed. However, this doesn't seem to be having much of a negative effect on the site's progress and it's doing well despite not having any links.

I think it can only go up as we move through winter as although initially I was slightly worried about the seasonality of this niche, I guess people always need to clean something!

How are you getting on with your sites? I'd love to hear from you. To make sure you don't miss out on any of my updates, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

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