How to Make an Ecommerce Website using WordPress

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Here's the links to the things featured in the video:

Setup UK Hosting Video:

Setup US Hosting Video:

Get the theme:

Get some images:

In this video I take you through creating your very own online shop using WordPress and Woocommerce. In the video we use the excellent ‘The Retailer‘ premium theme which provides loads of great features including a responsive design, visual composer and the brilliant ‘Revolution Slider‘.

In the tutorial we start from scratch and I take you through everything you need to do, including:

  • Setting up your hosting account
  • Installing the WordPress software
  • Uploading and activating the theme
  • Installing and configuring the required plugins
  • Adding some products
  • Setting up the checkout
  • Styling the website
  • …and everything in between.

Please leave you questions below in the comments! I've love to hear from you.


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  1. followed the instructions and it worked well. However, i never saw a part to change the internet tab. My site says “my great wordpress site” still. Not real credible for my ecommerce site. If you know how i can change it to my sites name i would appreciate it! thanks

  2. Hi Alex,

    Brillian explanation/demo of The Retailer. I bought a copy of “the retailer” earlier this year after watching one of your videos, but up to now have not really done anything with it. But seeing your demo has given me a new hope to build an ecommerce site.I do have a question for you about the theme, I hope you can help me with it.

    I have an account with a dropshipping company who have told they have a live xml feed for products. would I be right in thinking that i will need to put in place all the atributes (text and images) etc before the feed would work. i was also told the site had to be live to make it happen as well

    Any advice would be really helpful


  3. Hi Alex

    I followed your tutorial and got right to the end all set up great (even sorted out the ‘locked out of WordPress earlier in the week) which you helped me with, by going to Tsohost. the only thing that failed after trying again and again and again was for some reason the WooCommerce Price Filter slider didn’t show on my site itself, even though it is showing on my Product Listing Sidebar configurator. All in all though excellent so far many thanks, just adding products now !!!, so with no coding knowledge what so ever it was great. Many thanks Jo


    1. Hi Jo,

      Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the comment. Did you get it working?


  4. Hi Alex

    Thank you for producing this excellent video. I knew absolutely nothing about setting up a website. I found your video really useful as it provided a comprehensive step by step guide from start to the end i.e. getting hosting, registering domain, setting up home page, shop pages, categories, cart, check out, shipping, background etc etc including all the technical stuff which was made really easy.

    You also kindly responded to many emails where I needed support specific to my website. My website is all set up and ready, please do have a look at it and any further comments will be much appreciated. Website:

    Once again thank you for your videos and the support offered. I highly recommend these to anyone who is looking to set up word press website.

    Customer Service

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