Make a Website with WordPress – Feb 2015

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In this brand new video for 2015, I take you through creating a WordPress website from scratch using the amazing 3clicks theme.

Check out the site you can make here.

Here's some of the things we cover in the tutorial:

  • Getting Hosting – 00:01:18
  • Installing WordPress – 00:03:55
  • Logging in for the first time – 00:05:55
  • Downloading & Installing the theme – 00:08:55
  • Installing Demo Content – 00:13
  • Adding a logo – 00:17:25
  • Changing the site colours – 00:20
  • Setting up the homepage – 00:26:00
  • Choosing pages – 00:27:10
  • Setting up the menu – 00:31:46
  • Reordering the menu – 00:35:20
  • Setting up the slider – 00:37:04
  • Editing the homepage – 00:43:43
  • Adding Works/Portfolio content – 01:03:05
  • Setting up the Map – 01:09:27

Get hosting: use code WPEAGLE for 10% off.
Get the theme:

Good luck making your site, and remember if you get stuck post a comment and i'll try and help you out..

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  1. Hello and thanks for putting this video together it has been a VERY VERY big help fro me. I am new to building wordpress sites and found you page searching through youtube. I have 2 questions if you have time.
    1. I am trying to duplicate one of the demo pages so it would be the default template for every new page i create. I like the way the “home” page template is set up. Is there a way to duplicate that page/template like 5 times then change the title of the pages about us/ contact us/ services etc?

    2. I have 2 pages that i built that are “parents” and 5 pages under each of them ( i think there called children pages??). is there a way to have those sub pages drop-down and be visible when you hover over the parent page on the primary menu?

    Thank you again for putting this video together.

    1. HI,

      Thanks for watching. In reply.

      1. Create the page and then use this really useful plugin to make a copy.

      2. Just add them to the menu (Appearance->Menus) and place them under the parent. If you drag them slightly to the right you’ll see they nest as a submenu. Hope that’s clear.


  2. hello, thanks for all your videos, they are a massive help! Ive got myself in a massive pickle and installed two themse and its made a mess. whats the quickest way to strat from scratch, delete them both off and install three clocks again please?

    1. Hi Lloyd,

      You’ve got a couple of options. 1) Delete your WordPress install from within your hosting and start again. 2) Delete the themes via FTP. I’ll try and create a video on this for you today..


      1. you’re a star Alex! thank you so much. Have subscribed to your newsletter and will be floating around regularly! 🙂

  3. hey Alex,

    my sites still a mess! content there, some not and everythings gone pete tong. so what im thinking is delete it from control panel in tso host. any chance you could do a quick video showing this please?
    I have mine open now, the cloud dashboard that is and right next to my domain it says “delete website” in red, is that the one i click?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. That should do it..

      Good luck!

      If you’re worried you can raise a support ticket with TSOHOST and they’ll take you through it.


  4. Hi Alex
    I like the simplicity with your videos
    However a company built a ‘custom made’ one for me a couple of years ago with apparently I cannot change especially the pages

    I have also been told the coding and back links may also affect or ranking with google
    What would you recommend or advise?
    Look forward to hearing from you


    David Holmes
    Email David_holmes1 @

  5. Hi Alex,

    I’ve purchased this theme using your link. Thank you! I don’t seem to have the ‘page builder’ functionality. How can I add that?

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