Wheelalong.co.uk Affiliate Website October 2021 Update

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Welcome to the October update for Wheelalong. If you'd like to know the full story and follow along with how I built the site, check out this playlist on Youtube.

I've put Wheelalong into hibernation as I'm not sure whether it's going to work as we've not seen the growth that I'd hoped for.

We'll likely have another look at it in Spring 2022 but of course, I'll keep updating you on the traffic and earnings.


The site attracted 1106 visitors in October which is down 10% from last month. I think this niche is fairly seasonal – it's stuff you use outside and I don't think there's as much interest at this time of year (winter).

All traffic is down, with organic down 10%.

Looking at Ahrefs, we are continuing to rank for more keywords and in October, 52 more were added.


Surprisingly we made £72.10 ($97.25) from Amazon UK this month – taking into account the low traffic numbers, I' pleased with this!

We did sell another powered wheelbarrow and those high ticket items certainly help.

Ezoic earnings for the month are $6.62 and numbers seem to be heading up as we're galloping towards Christmas.

That makes total earnings of $103.87 for October.

In Summary

Not a terrible month, but not fantastic either. I'm planning to leave it alone and not put any more money into this project until I see more growth in the right direction.

Don't miss out on my Wheelong updates by making sure you are subscribed to my Youtube channel. See you in the next one!

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