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Affiliate Blog or Affiliate Shop? Which is best?

In Affiliate Marketing, Blog by Alex Cooper4 Comments

We’re getting a lot of questions lately around what approach to take when looking at becoming an Amazon affiliate. Do you go all out and build an ecommerce site with hundreds of products or do you concentrate on producing brilliant content and build a blog site with products reviews, product comparisons and how to guides. We’ve done both and, in …

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Essential SEO Research Tools for Affiliate Marketers

In Blog, SEO by Lucy DohertyLeave a Comment

Last week we published a piece on SEO for 2019 and the things we think you should concentrate your efforts on this year. Off the back of that, we thought it would be handy to recommend some tools that will help you ‘do’ SEO. In this guide, we share with you our favourite SEO Tools to help run your affiliate …

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WP Eagle Regular making $1000 per month

In Affiliate Marketing, Blog by Alex CooperLeave a Comment

In this video I catch up with Tim from, who after watching some WP Eagle tutorial videos on how to make an Amazon Affiliate website was inspired to create his own. Amazon Affiliate Success Story A question that we get asked all the time is ’can you actually make money as an Amazon affiliate?’. And the answer is always …

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SEO in 2019

In Affiliate Marketing, Blog, SEO by Lucy Doherty1 Comment

The internet is a competitive place, and many niches are saturated. It’s enough to put you off affiliate marketing all together. Especially as affiliate marketing has such a bad reputation. It has long been regarded as the cesspool of the internet; spammy links, black hat SEO and poorly designed websites with no thought for user experience. But times have changed, …

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The end of the Amazon Product API!?

In Blog by Alex Cooper3 Comments

IS THIS THE END OF THE AMAZON PRODUCT API?! A SCARY EMAIL FROM AMAZON Is this the END OF THE AMAZON PRODUCT API?! I got an alarming email this week from Amazon informing me that if I don’t generate at least 1 sale every 30 days my access to the API would be revoked! What does this actually mean? What …

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WP Engine – is it any good and is it worth the money?

In Blog, General Purpose by Lucy DohertyLeave a Comment

What is WP Engine? WP Engine is a premium, “VIP” managed WordPress hosting service. WP Engine positions itself as a more ‘high-end’ hosting option. With packages starting at $35 per month, is WP Engine worth the money? ‘Cos when you dig into it and compare its services with other hosting providers, the price and the customer service are the only …