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Best WordPress plugins 2019 – Essential Guide

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There are over 50,000 plugins available for WordPress so finding the good ones can be tricky. In this video, I share my favourite WordPress plugins. I’ve tried to cover all the essentials as well as a few others that I think you’ll find useful. In this Best WordPress Plugin guide, you’ll find a full range of plugins that will enhance …

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How to ADD A SITEMAP PAGE to WordPress

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Adding a sitemap to your WordPress website is a good thing to do. A sitemap can help both visitors and search engines navigate your website.  In this easy to follow tutorial I take you through using the free WordPress plugin simple sitemap to create a sitemap page that automatically updates as you make changes to your site. This will work …

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How to Backup WordPress Quickly & Easily

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If you have a WordPress website then you need to back it up on a regular basis. By backing up your site you can ensure that if anything happens to your website, such as a software bug or a malicious attack, you can easily get your site back up and running quickly and easily. In this video tutorial I take …

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Missing Images when running Woozone

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A few of you have been having trouble with product images not showing so here’s a fix. Basically you need to add a little code to your themes functions file. You have two options. Add it to your child themes functions file use a plugin to add it. I recommend this one. You don’t want to add it directly to …

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Changing Woozone Amazon Product Image Size

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In this video I take you through adjusting the size of the product images that Woozone brings in from Amazon. Here’s the custom CSS used to align the buttons: Good luck! You Might Like:Best WordPress Hosting Guide 2019Disable the Woozone (Wzone) CheckoutHow to ADD A SITEMAP PAGE to WordPressHow to make an Amazon Affiliate Website with WordPress & Woozone 2018Missing …