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Create a WordPress FEATURED IMAGE – Canva Tutorial

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Here’s how you can create great-looking featured images for your WordPress content. I’ll show you how to make them quickly and easily using a fantastic free tool. The tool I’m using here is Canva, which is my go-to graphic design tool. Forget photoshop because that’s far too complicated. Canva is easy, it’s fast, and it’s free. Although Canva is free, …

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How to Import Elementor Templates

In WordPress Tips & Troubleshooting Guides by Alex Cooper1 Comment

Importing Elemementor template files into your site is a quick way to get your pages created. Whenever I create a full-length tutorial, like this one, I always make the templates available to download. Here’s how you do it: Make sure you’ve got Elementor installed. You can do it within the plugins section. Just click add new then search for elementor. …

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Adding Affiliate Content with Gutenberg

In Blog, Build, Enhance, General Purpose, WordPress Tips & Troubleshooting Guides by Lucy Doherty4 Comments

Gutenberg is WordPress’ highly anticipated, highly debated, new default page and post editor. It replaces the old WordPress TinyMCE content editor with an all new block editor. Gutenberg was officially released on 6th December 2018 as part of WordPress 5.0. If you’ve already updated your site to WordPress 5.0, you should now see the new block editor by default. ‘Gutenberg’ was …

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Move Your WordPress Website to a New Host

In Blog, Enhance, WordPress Tips & Troubleshooting Guides by Lucy Doherty1 Comment

Don’t be scared. Moving web hosts isn’t as difficult as you might think. It might seem quite technical if you’re fairly new to websites and WordPress but it’s really not if you break it down. Which means you’re not stuck if you feel you’re not getting the best service or support from your current web hosting provider. By the way, …

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What Makes a Good Amazon Affiliate Website? – Examples of Amazon Affiliate Sites That Make Money

In Blog, WordPress Tips & Troubleshooting Guides by Lucy Doherty5 Comments

We won’t lie to you. The cold, hard fact of the matter is that it is harder now than ever to make it as an Amazon Affiliate. Affiliate marketing in general is a tough gig but add in there the might of Amazon and the number of restrictions and regulations they inflict on their affiliates, as well as the pretty …