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How to add Google Adsense Auto Ads to WordPress

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In this quick and easy video I add some Google Adsense Auto Ads to to try and raise my ad revenue. You Might Like:How I Make Videos (Thumbnails, Equipment, Software)Life after the Amazon commission cutsIs this the end of the road for Amazon Affiliates?Make an Affiliate Marketing Website LIVERandom Guy on Fiverr boosts my website speed!

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Add Google AdSense to WordPress

In Advertising by Alex Cooper1 Comment

With Google AdSense you can earn a bit of money by showing adverts on your site. In this video I take you through creating the adverts in Adsense and them using the code generated to insert them into a WordPress widget. It’s really easy, just a bit of copying and pasting. The process goes something like this: 1.Sign-up at Google …