AdWords Conversion Tracking with Wordpress

How to Install Google AdWords Conversion Tracking on WordPress

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In this tutorial video we add a form to a WordPress page to capture leads from a Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaign. We then add the Google AdWords conversion code to a thank you page to track the leads we get.

Here's that bit of code for Contact Form 7:

on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘YOURTHANKYOUPAGEURL')­;”

How to Install Google AdWords Conversion Tracking on WordPress

1) First off you need to configure you form to send visitors to a “thank you” page when the complete it. This will be different depending on the forms you're using. In the video we use Contact Form 7.
2) Install the Embed Script plugin on to your WordPress site.
3) Login to your Google AdWords Account and go into “Tools and Analysis” -> “Conversions”
4) Create your conversion by following the wizard until you get the code.
5) Copy the code to your clip board
6) Go back to your WordPress site and edit your “thank you” page. Create one if you don't have one already.
7) Paste the code into the plugins “Bottom of the page” box – usually on the right hand side of the edit screen.
8) You're done.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. If I wanted to implement to the thank you page an automatic page redirect (after say 5 seconds) back to the original page the user came from, how would I go about this?

    1. You should only need the 1 if you are using the same form.

  2. Hi Alex,

    Nice video. what if i have multiple conversion tracking codes for one “thank you” page, how should i add that?

    1. Hi Helen,

      Sorry for the late reply. The thank you page seems to load ok.

      Have you setup your form to redirect to it after a submission?


  3. I tried your code on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘YOURTHANKYOUPAGEURL’)­;”
    and it doesn’t work.

    I’ve just put this line found in the CF7 support
    on_sent_ok: “location = ‘’;”
    and now my redirection works.

    The code has probably been updated by CF7.

    Hope it can help !

  4. I am trying to find how to install tracker on one page html form. I am still confused. But, your video is nice.

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