Is Elementor Pro Worth It?

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I recently upgraded to Elementor Pro on my brand new Amazon Affiliate Website as I was intrigued by the new popup feature. I also wanted to make use of the global widget feature, as I was fed up of creating new tables on every post I added.

In this video I explain if it's worth the $49 / year fee.

I’m already a big fan of the free version of Elementor. I’ve been building WordPress websites for well over fifteen years and I’ve got to say, Elementor is kind of a game changer. It makes building WordPress posts and pages really easy and it's miles ahead of WordPress’ own Gutenberg.

I recently decided to try the pro version so duly paid my $49. It’s not a massive amount but is it worth it for a page builder plugin. The answer? Hell yeah, it’s worth every penny. You get quite a lot of extra stuff for your money, like templates and widgets.

Elementor Pro Extras

But for me it was one feature and one feature alone that clinched it… the global widget. You might have seen my recent videos about my new affiliate site On that site I use a lot of tables. Tables really are a bit of a pain in the backside to create. With the Elementor global widget I can create a table once and then save it as a global widget, so it can be dropped into any page or post in just a couple of clicks. Same with buttons, you can create an awesome button and drop it in anywhere you like, just changing the link and text if you need to.

You get loads of page templates that you can use as a starting point if you don’t know where or are finding it hard to get started. You just drop your content into the template. Easy. And it comes with lots of useful widgets like the tables, recent posts, testimonials. Those extras really make your pages stand out.

Building Your Subscriber List

Elementor also comes with a pop-up builder so if you are collecting email addresses and building your subscriber list, you can easily build a beautiful pop up. It’s just as good as any of the other paid-for pop up builders.

The last thing that I think makes it worth it is the level of support. You don’t get support with the free version but with the paid-for version you can raise tickets with support and get extra help and guidance.

So, is Elementor Pro Worth the $49 Price Tag?

Elementor ultimately allows you to build a WordPress site from scratch much quicker. The quicker you get your site up and running, the quicker you start making money, so in that way it more than pays for itself. I highly recommend Elementor Pro.

You can find out more about Elementor Pro and get a copy your self here.

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