Missing Images when running Woozone

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A few of you have been having trouble with product images not showing so here's a fix.

Basically you need to add a little code to your themes functions file. You have two options.

  1. Add it to your child themes functions file
  2. use a plugin to add it. I recommend this one.

You don't want to add it directly to you main theme functions file as you'll love it whenever you update the theme.

The code you need to add is:

add_filter( 'wp_calculate_image_srcset', '__return_false' );

Good luck!

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  1. Sorry, but your code causes a “Fatal error”, so it is not applied!
    Please, check the code and try again.

  2. Hey WP Eagle, great content! I’m following you instructions to put in the code but when I click settings and go into the “PHP inserter” The “Functions (PHP code)” switch is automatically switched off and I can’t switch it on or insert any code. It doesn’t allow me to input anything. Any advice?

  3. Hi alex I just built a fashion website. I just signed up and got my api keys and then signed up for aws. i am using woozone . it pulls everything perfect except for images. it shows that it pulled images but the image never shows on my products page.I am using the original api keys i got from amazon. Would their be a problem with the plug in or or did i do something wrong when i signed up with aws. Like i said every thing is perfect except for no images. it pulled prices, descriptions,reviews everything but images.thanks for any advice you may be able to offer Herb Hall

  4. From website editing mode when logged into wordpress select customization Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Images.

    its probably selected as uncropped you can choose custom and 1:1 should work just fixed mine

  5. hi, I face having problems , like image , Image file is have but not show in my media file .Here are all image is Whit file

  6. Freakin awesome – I was just about to tear down my site because of these image issues!!! You saved me a ton of time with Wzone!

    Thank you!

  7. Thank you very much for your advice, however as per other comment above ” The “Functions (PHP code)” switch is switched off and I am unable to switch it on or insert any code. The page doesn’t to be functional. I have contacted the developer, however no feedback has been received yet. Any advice please? Many thanks

  8. Cant click anything on the plugin page. Please share another plugin if you know. I am running a sportswear website images of some products are not coming properly.

  9. I also cannot use the plugin… the switch is set to “off”, and there is no way of switching it to on to then enter the code. I have tried to both safari and chrome. Any advice?

  10. images dont appear for amazon india but if i import though amazon usa they appear..please help..

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