Pricing tables on WordPress never looked so good

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If you make WordPress websites for business clients there is going to be a time where you'll need pricing tables. It's one of those things that always pops up during a project. Some themes come with a shortcode or two built in but not always. That's when you'll need a kick-ass plugin, like this one. It's so easy to use and the tables look gorgeous.. 39 All the tables you make are fully responsive. You also get:

  • Pure CSS + HTML,
  • Intuitive Admin Panel With Live Configuration (Your Table Will Be Ready In 2-5 Minutes),
  • 2 Different Table Styles,
  • 20 Predefined Color Versions,
  • Ability To Enable Responsive Mode,
  • Ability To Set Your Own Responsive Steps / Dimensions,
  • Ability To Set Different Width Values And Font Sizes For Columns For Each Responsive Step,
  • Different Font-Face Fonts To Choose From With Font Configurator,
  • Unlimited Number Of Tables On The Website,
  • Unlimited Number Of Columns And Rows,
  • Columns And Rows Set-Up With Simple Arrows For Increase And Decrease Their Number,
  • Possibility To Quick Disable / Hide One Or Many Columns From Admin Panel,
  • Possibility To Set One Or Many Columns As Active (Popped-Up) By Default,
  • Columns Width Configuration From Admin Panel,
  • Ability To Set Columns Width In Pixels Or Percentage,
  • Rows Heights And Paddings Configuration From Admin Panel,
  • Columns Text Alignment Configuration From Admin Panel,
  • Sliding Columns Feature,
  • Expandable Rows Feature With Expand / Collapse Option To Show / Hide Table Rows,
  • Hover States With Ability To Disable For Columns,
  • CSS3 Tooltips / Hints Included,
  • Rows And Columns Sorting,
  • 20 Predefined Sample Configurations,
  • 42 Tick / Cross Icons To Choose From,
  • 60 Ribbons To Choose From,
  • Ability To Import / Export Configuration Settings And Table Data,
  • Implementation With Simple Shortcode Parameter id not specified!,
  • Multi Site (WordPress MU) Compatible,
  • Possibility To Add Ribbons To One Or Many Columns,
  • Loading Plugin Files Only When Option Is Used,
  • Documentation Included.
Get Plugin You can get a copy for $15 here.

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  1. Hi ,
    I am Kashif Sultan from Manchester Uk. I have watched your videos on youtube and also subscribed your website. My aim is to start “Affiliate Marketing” with or with out website. But as i watched your videos i decided to go and build a website ,by using WORDPRESS.
    I would appreciate if you kindly give me advice or recommend any steps that i should follow while putting my efforts or money into this new world of “Affiliate Marketing” as i dad of three kids, so i can not do experiments . Although i m quick learner and SAP order fulfillment Associate . But this area is new for me.
    One last thing i wan to ask you that i would love you join if you run online course or classes. if any…


    Kashif Sultan

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