How to Setup Google Analytics goals

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In this video we go through setting up Google analytics goal on our WordPress website. Once you've got these setup you'll start to discover which traffic sources are bringing you conversions so you can focus your marketing more effectively.

If you've not got Google Analytics installed on your site check out this video.

If you've not got forms setup on your site and you want to collect leads, check out this video.

Setting up Goals in Google Analytics can be broken down into these simple steps.

  1. Setting up a thank you page
  2. Sending your visitors to the thank you page after they fill in a form (or the thank you page could be the end of your checkout on an ecommerce site)
  3. Entering the thank you page URL in the Goals settings within Analytics

Hope you like the video. Post questions in the comments.


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  1. Thanks for the informative video! I was actually troubleshooting this morning after setting up goals on a WP site for a client – for some reason my goals weren’t tracking. Took a second look after watching your video and found I’d forgotten the last “/” at the end of the goal URL. But, this was a great refresher nontheless!

    1. Thanks for watching Stephanie. Glad you found it useful!


  2. Hi! I liked your video but I have a question. So Google Analytics will track all the page views of this “thank you page” as a goal completion? What if someone just copies the url of the thank you page and decides to paste it 20 times on a browser just for fun? Will I have 20 new “fake” goal completions?

    Maybe this is a beginner question, but still…

    Thanks again for the video.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for watching. That would give you 20 conversions, but only 1 unique conversion.

      I’m not sure why someone would do that however, unless they were really really bored..


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