Installing and Configuring Kingdom 3

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In this video I take you through installing and configuring Kingdom version 3 which is the Woozone theme used in a number of my Amazon Affiliate website tutorials.

Version 3 of the Kingdom Amazon Affiliate theme bought about a number of considerable changes to the way the theme options work including setting the logo and configuring theme colours.

Here's the timings and what's covered in this video:

  • Downloading and installing the theme: 02:00
  • Installing the required plugins: 04:41
  • Importing some products and setting up categories: 06:50
  • Adding your logo: 09:27
  • Configuring the top bar: 10:10
  • Setting your site name and tagline: 10:26
  • Adding a Favicon/site icon: 10:32
  • Social Media Links: 11:08
  • Setting the site fonts: 11:29
  • Setting the homepage: 12:19
  • Adding the Main menu: 12:44
  • Setting the site colours: 13:33
  • Adding elements to the homepage: 15:50
  • Creating and adding the revolution slider: 19:52
  • Footer and Partner logos : 22:29

Main Menu CSS

Copy and paste in the additional CSS area in the theme customize section

.navigationbar .kd_main_menu > li a {
padding: 20px 20px 20px 20px;

Shortcodes for homepage

Copy and paste into your homepage body and customise the titles and category slugs as required.

[kingdom_box_headline]FEATURED PRODUCTS[/kingdom_box_headline]
[featured_products per_page="6" columns="1"]
[kingdom_box_headline]LATEST NIKE TRAINERS[/kingdom_box_headline]
[product_category per_page="12" columns="4" category="nike-trainers"]
[kingdom_box_headline]LATEST ADIDAS TRAINERS[/kingdom_box_headline]
[product_category per_page="12" columns="4" category="adidas-trainers"]
[kingdom_box_headline]Latest blog posts[/kingdom_box_headline]
[kingdom_blog_slideshow per_page="3"]

if you have any questions or comments leave them below.

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  1. I am 3 hours into doing this website and things are not working like in your vid. Kinda fuckin pissed off pal! You never said anything in ANY vid about having to buy the slider not that it is a big deal but you never mentioned it would need to be purchased to do the homepage slider. You jump around so much it is very hard to follow and I have to stop the vid A LOT. Now I am into the money for the fuckin theme and the fuckin woozone and not able to finish because your vids are incomplete. I am a contractor and don’t the kind of time to fuck around like this shit like this. It should have been very straight forward but you made it ultra hard! Now it is going to take me a long time to finish something that you did in 1 hour. Thanks for that.

    That short code you listed just shows up as code on the home page. Nice.

    I should have known better than to do something like this.

    As far as I’m concerned you owe me the money back for the kingdom and the woozone that don’t fuckin work right. I’M FUCKIN PISSED

    When I have the time I am gonna blog you TO DEATH

    1. Author

      Hey man. Sorry to hear that it’s not working out. You don’t need to buy the slider by the way, get a refund on it if you can, it’s included with the them. If you email me details of your site i’ll try and get you up and running. If you want your money back on Kingdom just ask Envato and they’ll do it for you, and if they don’t, let me know and i’ll send it to you.

      I’m not sure what you mean BLOG ME TO DEATH, but I do these videos for free and they take a LONG TIME to make. Sorry if it’s not as clear as it should be, i’m trying to get better at it.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for all your help. Im 4 hours in to building my site and it looks amazing and i have learnt some much ie: adding short codes etc.
    I will keep you updated on how the final version looks.

    Once again thank you for all your help.

    PS I’v been researching this and your youtube videos for 3days now and I think your voice in imbedded in my brain !!!

    Thanks Carl

  3. Thanks for the reply Alex and I apologize the the scathing email. I really appreciated you getting back to me and the advice on the refunds. I really want to make a site and have it working for me. Your time spent on shooting vids is well appreciated by all of us.

  4. Hello People

    Hi Alex I am loving the videos you post man on you tube,I am as far as where you put in the codes the Access Key and the Secret access key but i am having serious problems for the last few days.I have contacted Amazon but the secret access key and the access key will not work and it basically wont allow me to link my site to amazon to get products on and i dont know what to do? other than that or up until that point it was great but i am stuck on this part and really want to get past it and get it working so i can start selling products

    Would be great Alex if you could help me please and thanks if you could e mail me that would be great

    Greetings Alex from Ireland

  5. Hi Alex, Your tutorials are a great help to amateur web designers like myself. I’m having difficulty with the home page code that you provided. Can you help me figure it out? Otherwise, manipulating the other parts of kingdom and woozone is easy.

  6. Hi I really love your video’s they are so easy to follow step by step.

    I do have one issue though and that is my code is showing on my home page above my featured products is there a simple reason for this?
    This code is showing:
    [kingdom_box_headline]FEATURED PRODUCTS[/kingdom_box_headline]
    [featured_products per_page="6" columns="4"]

  7. Hi Alex

    Is there any reason why I have the Mainpage code showing under my slider image on Kingdom 3.3 version eg:

    [kingdom_box_headline]FEATURED PRODUCTS[/kingdom_box_headline]
    [featured_products per_page="6" columns="4"]

  8. Hi Alex,

    The shortcodes realy doesn’t work … it apears on the homepage just as code 🙁

  9. Hi Alex,

    Ive been following your tutorials and purchased woozone and kingdom. When I go to install kingdom it say that a style sheet is missing. There is the link to download all the updates and when I click on that it just goes to a blank page and says that Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

    Ive got all my purchase info and account on themeforest. Ive also tried to get help from AA but its not exactly working.

    Do you have any idea. All your tutorials, dont get an error after installing the kingdom theme and then you just click on the link that stays install all the updates.

    It doesnt work for me.

    IS there any chance you could help? Id be able to give you login details to my site as its just in set up mode. Id really appreciate it. I purchased this based on your videos.



    1. Author

      Hi if you email me the login details I can do it for you. It sounds like you’re trying to install the wrong zip. Unzip the file from Codecanyon and upload the ZIP from within.

  10. Hi Alex.

    I have been trying to create a new site and I am stuck at the homepage shortcode stage. I am not so sure if the problem is with the new kingdom theme as it seems to be a later version and maybe the visual composer is not working. When I add the code as per your bootboutique video it is installed as text (the FEATURED PRODUCTS shortcode). I am stuck and really need to progress. Can you help?

  11. One of the best tutorial to start a website instantly. Thanks man, you have done a great step by step tutorial.

  12. Hello Alex , First thank you for your video about affiliate its really helping me very much and Now i watching it
    about this blog i think u should change the font 😉

  13. Hi Alex

    Thanks for all your free information BTY!

    I have searched everywhere and I am having trouble finding out where to change the padding around the Headers. On my site, the paragraphs and headings all look too close together.

    Sorry to ask what seems to be an easy question but can you direct me to where I can find out how to change the spacings and even how to change if the headers are in capital or not.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ps, I’m in Australia and never get to one of your live streams but I do listen to them while out walking. Thanks again.

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