Cookie Consent Banner for Your WordPress Website

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Add a Cookie Consent Popup Message to Your WordPress Website

Exciting it ain’t, but essential it is. It’s the law. You have to add a cookie consent banner to your website, to ask your users for their permission before storing cookies on their device. You must get their consent before you install cookies.

If you watched the previous video on generating a privacy and cookie policy, you will know that we’ve found a service from a company called iubenda (affiliate link), that generates your website’s legal documents for you, with minimal effort needed on your part. I am using that service again to generate the cookie consent widget for my site

I have already set up an account with iubenda and head over to my dashboard and select their cookie solution option.You can choose the position of the banner and the colour scheme (dark or light). You can also select ADVANCED VIEW for more options and greater customisation. There's even some custom css you can play around with. Make sure that within the advanced settings, you link to your privacy policy, otherwise it will link back to iubenda, and you don't want that.

To activate your banner, you will need to install the iubenda plugin. The easiest way to do that it to go to your WordPress dashboard ==> Plugins and search for the iubenda Cookie Solution for GDPR plugin and install and activate it. Then go back to your iubenda dashboard and copy the code it has generated for you. Go back to your iubenda plugin in WordPress, paste the code and away you go. You can always go back to your iubenda dashboard and play around with the settings until you are happy with the banner and any changes you make should be automatically updated on your website.

We'd love to hear from you if you've used iubenda (affiliate link). How did you find it? Do you have any other recommendations? And if you haven't seen the video we made about creating privacy and cookie policy documents, you can see that here.

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  1. This plugin has the option to be translated via wpml? Because I need to use this piece of information in Greek as well as in English!

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