Disable the Woozone (Wzone) Checkout

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Turning off your Woozone checkout maybe a good way to increase your Amazon Affiliate commissions as you're able to send people over to Amazon much more quickly. In this tutorial I show you how to do it.

Not got a Wzone site? Check out this tutorial.

If you ain't got time to watch the video here's how it's done

Go into your Woozone settings:

Then select Amazon Config:

Then select Plugin SETUP:

Scroll down and look for the onsite cart option, and turn it off:

You'll also want to adjust the button text and if the link opens in a new tab. You'll find these options further down the page:

**UPDATE – How to remove the cart from the header**

After I posted this video I got a comment informing me that the cart still shows in the header. If you'd like to hide it simply add the following code in Appearence -> Customize -> Additional CSS

div#kd_checkout_wrap {
display: none;

Let me know the affect of this change on how much commission your site earns in the comments. Good luck!

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  1. I just changed mine. Did you get good results?

    what do you think its the best drop-down categories menu for a large store? Mine looks awful

    1. Author

      Didn’t really notice any difference – With regards to drop-downs, it really depends on your theme. Or you could try stacking them.

  2. Not sure if your still monitoring this article. But can you remove the “review” count or star graphic in Wzone? Who is going to buy a product with one star? It is not fetching product reviews from amazon.

    Thank you.

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