Disable the Woozone (Wzone) Checkout

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Turning off your Woozone checkout maybe a good way to increase your Amazon Affiliate commissions as you're able to send people over to Amazon much more quickly. In this tutorial I show you how to do it.

Not got a Wzone site? Check out this tutorial.

If you ain't got time to watch the video here's how it's done

Go into your Woozone settings:

Then select Amazon Config:

Then select Plugin SETUP:

Scroll down and look for the onsite cart option, and turn it off:

You'll also want to adjust the button text and if the link opens in a new tab. You'll find these options further down the page:

**UPDATE – How to remove the cart from the header**

After I posted this video I got a comment informing me that the cart still shows in the header. If you'd like to hide it simply add the following code in Appearence -> Customize -> Additional CSS

div#kd_checkout_wrap {
display: none;

Let me know the affect of this change on how much commission your site earns in the comments. Good luck!

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  1. I just changed mine. Did you get good results?

    what do you think its the best drop-down categories menu for a large store? Mine looks awful

    1. Author

      Didn’t really notice any difference – With regards to drop-downs, it really depends on your theme. Or you could try stacking them.

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